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Rx 300 Rear Wiper


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does anyone else have a problem with their rear window wiper coming loose and if there is anything i can do to fix this problem. i re-tighten the wiper all the time some how the nut that holds the wiper arm to the motor keeps coming loose and cause the wiper to slip and fall down on the lift gate. any help would be great.

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I have the same problem.....rear wiper hanging down....wont stay in position. havent tried tightening it yet. Ill give it a try and use some lock tight also. Ill report back my results since this thread is very thin.

I just fixed it, Easy fix, theres a plastic cover over the nut, it rotates up to allow access(pry up on the end, curved piece), I used some loktite Threadlocker Blue 242 on the treads and tightened it back down. I do have a new small issue, when I tested it, it rubs on the rear wing, we have winter type blades on it and i think they are to thick. Other than that its working fine.

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