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  1. My lexus dealer told me that my $465 bank one sensor needed to be replaced because I was putting in 87 gas. I am now putting in 89 and my knocking is gone. I have 80K miles now. About a year and a half ago, I had 02 sensor replaced (covered under dealer warranty). 99 RX 300 AWD
  2. I too feel like I'm burning thru more gas. I put 87. 99RXAWD bought new, now w/65k mi
  3. I understand your point SW03ES - but what about the huge discrepancy betw. radio vs CD?
  4. I've listened & listened - I don't hear it. 99RX300 AWD 63k in CT
  5. At 59k had to replace O2 sensor (Bank 1, etc, just as described above), covered under dealer/no charge warranty. 99RX300_AWD
  6. Hi, I just paid for new pads from dealer. Had 20% left on front, which was replaced; have 35% left on back - which I'm leaving alone for now. 62k out of them! Bought RX300 AWD new from dealer...
  7. bought 1sourceautowarranty for $1800 deluxe warranty (100k/5yr), for 99 RX300AWD. Never yet had to use it, car now has 62k miles in CT. So far so good, with the car. no major problems... Recommend getting the warranty. cheers
  8. I experience the same thing, during same weather conditions as described in 1st post. 99RX300 AWD, loaded :o
  9. For better price, go to Toyota dealership, for much cheaper $. that's what i started doing, unfortunately for me: only after a few years of already having paid $$$ at Lexus dealer. -99RX bought new
  10. I take mine to a Toyota dealer in CT. $25 or so for end to end service. includes car wash. Oil filter on RX = same as on V6 Camry.
  11. I've got the 99 RX. very disappointed that no arm rest. I have the special cupholder "armrest-area" doo-hickey, but no real arm rest; the kind you would get as if with the ES 300 or other models.
  12. Follow up to PharmGuy's comment ... {hi again} I've only been putting Citgo [cheapest gas in town] but do notice some difference if i put real high end {93} vs. what i usually now put {87}. The gas pedal almost goes down easier {less resistance} and the car feels more energetic {faster}. But not worth the extra $ for the 93. good luck. lexus_romeo
  13. I have 99 RX300, bought new from dealer. never had the problem. I usually play fairly loud, CD's and radio, and keep bass up to 5. No rattle. Does it still rattle w/bass turned to -5? good luck
  14. Pharmguy, Chas was my salesman - same w/you? Smart about requesting the 60k service when you bought it. That alone was worth about a thousand.. good luck
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