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What Do Yall Think About This '98?


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I found a '98 ES on ebay that I absolutley love(my fav. gen.)...and could afford, and I want to know what yall think about it. Here's the link: .

I asked him a few questions about the problem with cylinder 6, and here's his answer "as far as the engine is concerned, the thing that is wrong with it is that there is a misfire (what the dealer said) meaning there is a minor shake at idle, but when the gas is applied everthing is running smothly. so yes the car runs, shift smothly." This sounds like my '94 all over again. What I mean is my '94 has a jittery idle, but she shifts(except at 80) and drives well. I asked him if there is a cel, but he hasn't responded yet. I know that the taillight isn't a prob, and I could live with the scuff on the bumper until I have the money to get it fixed by an expert. However, I don't want to shell out all of my life's earnings only to find something that needs a new engine.

Mechanical junkies what do yall think? I was thinking that if it's just 1 cylinder that's misfiring you could cross out a lot of possible causes that I found in my service manual(it's the same engine). From what the manual suggests, I think these are more probable: spark plugs and wires, fuel injector that is cloged, and worst case bad cylinder or rings. Then after his email, I started thing about motor mounts.

What do yall think of the car??? Anything out of the ordinary? I love the mismatched floor mats and "300 ES" :lol: !

thanks guys,


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