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I changed my plugs and upon reinstalling the throttle body and cable, I noticed that there was too much slack in the throttle cable... I doubt I was getting wide open throttle, I adjusted it so that when I floor it, the throttle is completely open, there is still some slack in the cable, which is ok... I'm not sure if it's from the new plugs, throttle cable adjustment or advanced timing, 12 degrees(stock is 10 degrees) but the car definately feels faster...

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It feels faster all around but I definately notice a difference in third gear, it pulls alot stronger, third gear used to drag more... I ran 15.9@87mph completely stock with bald Goodyear GT+4's that would not hook up and 110000 miles on the spark plugs and original clutch... I should have my Tein's today(Friday) and a new clutch soon and with the weight reduction(seats and spare tire), I should be able to do much better than that... The track I ran it at is about 2-3 tenths of a second slower than the other Georgia track(further away) that I go to because of elevation and better track conditions... So that 15.9 at Commerce, Georgia is more like a 15.7-15.6 at the track in Reynolds, Georgia...

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