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2002 Gs 300 Sport Design

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I had trouble posting and the only attempt that got on was a one liner. I have a 2002 GS 300 Sport Design beautiful Silver. It has black wood trim except for the shift knob which may not be original. I have looked for a black wood one to no avail. The seats are ventilated with small holes It has Sport Design on the ash tray and front fenders. I has a nav system in it with DVD 2001. VER 1. I would like a later data base, but not at Lexus' price. I got the car at 45000 miles and it now has 64000. The check engine light has been a pain and so far required two coolant sensors and two oxygen sensors. Autozone will read the codes for free, and get the OEM parts. The car rides rather stiff, compared to what you say. Well I owned three Austin Healy 100's in another lifetime, and of course my wifes LS 400 is incomparable. I don't have another 300 to check. The car came out of Ft. Lauderdale and has corosion on all the under hood aluminum. I'm quite happy with the car, for what I paid. I did have to pull the left fron brake disc and clean behind it. The dealer had the disc's turned and they didn't clean the rust off the hub before reinstalling. The dredded shimmy at 62 MPH was the result. Thanks much Guy Telefunken for the tip.

My question is, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN THE SPORT DESIGN and the straight 300? I have never seen another one, and they apparently discontinued them. Is there anywhere I can get the original shipping document for this car that would list the options, Or does anyone have a 2002 sales book? Thanks for reading.

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I would like to know that as well.

I have a 1999 GS300.

I went to the Tag/Title place and the guy was in awe because my car showed up as a 1999 GS300 S.

What is the difference? :unsure:

My interior is gray, with black wood. I have a dark maple shift knob. What color is yours?

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Tan leather, brown wood. Tan leather shift knob.

Just use GOOGLE.com the answers are there.

from a quick overview of what i saw the differences are things like stiffer springs, diff. color emblem and badges, ...nothing major.

nothing major....some exterior/interior colors, stiffer suspension, badging, different fenders or at least fender badges, floor mats, interior badging. motor as far as i know is exactly the same....might have a different oem exhaust but i dunno...

only reason i would even want one is for that lovely saddle interior!

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