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  1. In our area Auto Zone will read the fault light, and can tell if any are bad and which ones. They will give a readout of the replacements available. If you need the two on Bank One I can tell you which part numbers worked in my 2002 GS 300. Several are available for each position.
  2. Be sure to scrape the rust off the hub where the holes were. If not you may have a vibration about 60 MPH and wonder why. You can always check the runout with a dial indicator.
  3. You can get a kit from Advance Auto for about $10. Comes with a polishing buffer for a drill and several pads. Have done three cars with one kit and have pads enough for one more. Very good results. Firestone wanted $100 to do it. It's called , 5 minute Headlamp Lens Restorer.
  4. Remote keys lost their ability to communicate with the car.Called the dealer. Got some young thing who said, "what is wrong"? I reminded her she was the expert, I was the owner. No answer. offered to re initilize "it", for $110. What ever "it" is. Anyone out there had this before?
  5. Make sense, but the GS400 was more expensive not to mention takes more gas too :( About the more gas in the 400. My wife drives between Memmphis TN, and Ashville NC, on one tank of gas in her 2000, LS 400 with 90,000 miles on it. It's over 500 miles. I think her best time is under 9 hours. She gets 27 miles per gallon at between 70 MPH and 80. I tried that in my 2002 GS-300 Sport design trying to better her average. Went very easy and cruise when I could. My best tank was 27.4. So the diffence in the 300 and the 400 aren't going to break the bank. Around town they are very close, not enough to cry over. The 400 engine never breathes hard. After you muck up a highly engineered car, made by some of the best engineers in the world, it will cost you more than a 400. And you probably won't improve anything. Like someone said, it could be worse.
  6. My 2002 GS-300 Sport Design manual, page 251, calls for Denso SK16R-P11 plugs. That is the only one mentioned.
  7. HI I have a 2002 GS300 Sport and would like to update my nav system also. Where did you get your disc, and how much was it. Please answer to krearl@aol.com Thanks
  8. Advance Auto. Puralator 5790055. About $18.
  9. ADVANCE AUTO PURALATOR PART 5790055 $ 18.48, in Memphis
  10. I'm afraid they did send me the engine filter, but when I called them he swore up and down that I had the correct part # to match the cabin air filter. They said I could send it back for a full refund, no problem. But that still leaves me without a cabin air filter. I called my local Toyota dealer, and they don't even carry a cabin air filter for a 2001 Lexus GS300. I don't know who posted the previous message, but I'm not sure a Toyota cabin air filter is the same as a Lexus cabin air filter, seeing as they didn't even carry a Lexus cabin filter. They told me to call the Lexus dealer
  11. Buy it from Auto Zone. I put one in, in February. DENSO 234-4603, $150.99. Not cheap, but it fits right in. The two cheaper ones by BOSH had the wrong connectors.
  12. I also should have said, be sure the new probe looks just like the one you take out.
  13. I highly advise getting the codes pulled with a OBDII scanner first. Then we can proceed ;) Welcome to the club Go to Auto Zone and get the codes read. Then you will know what you are trying to remove. They are very willing. I have used they over 10 times this year, hunting a fault. Then you can remove the light by pulling a couple of fuzes under the hood. Find out what you are looking for first. Good Luck
  14. Sorry it's Their, not Thier. My english teacher would hang me for that. Or is it?
  15. The sensors can be easily replaced by yourself, I would only purchase OEM parts. Check online....Maybe sewell lexus or irontoad. Welcome to the club Auto Zone can read your codes. They have several sensors available when you read thier readout. I have just replaced two, so I should know. Lexus will charge much more. All you need is a wrench and a will. If you are working with Zone one on a GS 300 they are easily accesabily under the hood, right side. Will plug right in. Caution: they have several available, make sure you get the right one with the plug that matches or they will swap it for another. Try the cheapest first as OEM and work up to the more expensive one. The ones on the back bank are not so easy as they go through the floor and plug in up behind the dash. Good luck.
  16. The sensors can be easily replaced by yourself, I would only purchase OEM parts. Check online....Maybe sewell lexus or irontoad. Welcome to the club
  17. Does anyone know where I can get Denso plugs SK16R-P11 plugs for a reasonable price? Lexus want's $15.24 each for them. Are NGK 3764 Iriduim just as suitable?
  18. The paint doesn't look to good either. I have a 2002 Gs 300 Sport Design. If you have the black wood shift knob, do you want to sell it.
  19. How can I get my picture to show up on my posts? Mits Driver

  20. I have a 2002 GS 300. After rotating the tires I got the VSC light and the switch wouldn't do anything. I had not worked on the brakes or anything else. I had done the front discs about 12000 miles before, but did not do anything but rotate the tires. I pulled two fuses and they apparently reset the computer. If you go in front of the battery there is a fuse panel. Looking at it from the right fender,after you take off the cover ther are two rows of fuses. The row next to the battery, starting from the right side of the car has 11 in that row. You are facing the rear of the car. Counting from the right side of the car, pull number 5 a 15 amp fuse, and number 9 a 25 amp one. Leave them out for at least 2 minutes or longer if you are doing something else. That seems to reset the VSC light as well as the check engine light. I think the VSC stinks any way. It cuts your power right when you are in traffic, away from a light and a limited slip diffie is far the better course. Autozone will read your check engine light codes for free. Your best bet for service, since Chevy isn't too hot is Toyota. After all they made the bugger. Good luck. Hope it works. Ken
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