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Ac Light Blinking


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Sounds like you have a leak in the A/C system. Happened to me last fall. I live in Vegas, so A/C is imperative. I charged up the system with a leak sealer last fall-I use R134A in my 94LS, and I can buy a can at Wally World for 5 bucks. It has held through the winter-although I'm waiting for 2 months or so to see if it is going to last a while in our astounding heat. Your 1992 car might use freon, however, and that could be more of a problem. I'm afraid your wallet will be severely dented, especially since you live in Hotlanta, and need A/C.

I used to charge up my old POS 1982 Camaro with freon in Houston every 2 months or so-don't think you can do that now, so you may have to break out the money. And don't go the the Dealer-Stealer-you will lose your kids inheritance...

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My 91 LS has been doing the same thing for about 2 years, not all the time but periodically. Still blows cold. All I do is press the A/C button a few times and it stops blinking.. Whats up with that?

Today in a 92 LS400 the AC suddenly ceased to blow cold and the light above the AC button started blinking. What could the problem be?
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