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Backlighting For Guages

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Hey guys. Since I'm servicin my car right now, I decided it was a good time to investigate possibly changing the lighting of my guages; I want a more brilliant white on the backlights-something resembling that of the LS400 and the LX470. I seem to recall someone here doing that with flourescent bulbs...any help would be appreciated. Also, I need to know if any of y'all know if the stock bulbs and bases are sold on an individual basis, or in sets b/c I lost one <_< Thanks again guys and gals.

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i did it to mine as you can see by the post above me that apoc519 was nice enough to look up for you so if you need any more help let me can buy the stock bulbs online or at the dealer but the dealer charges to much so online is better. :D

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ahhh isn't it always great to see ppl using the search utility? =)

i had mine recently changed to bright white lights. so much easier to see dead needles as they run across them lol. still don't think the cold cathode proj is worth $600 at the moment... i'll do it when it becomes like $150 =)


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