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  1. anyone got any home remedies for softening up the leather seats? The seat portions have turned hard but I can tell they were once a lot softer because the sides and backs are still in good condition. Some kind of oil or something I can lather on there? Leather conditioner doesn't seem to do a whole lot, is it mainly for cleaning?
  2. pictures and instructions here for the headlights. I'm sure there's info on the tail lights on here just do a search. It's a fair bit more difficult to do them though
  3. you might try using a power buffer and a few types of rubbing compound if you have access to anything like that on the outside of the housing. I was really surprised at how much yellow i got out of my lenses. Doesnt solve the fogging problem but they'll look brand new. The fog is likely just condensation so it'll come right out but will probably come back again. Best way is to heat it up in the oven and take it apart. While you're at it might as well clear your corners by removing the yellow lenses, looks sharp. Theres lots of info on here on how to do that. I did it, wasn't that hard. When you're done you can silicone it back up real good and not have to worry about that condensation coming back
  4. someone on here painted their dash silver, looked really sharp. That seems like a better solution then putting on a dash kit, I just dont see how they would look right on the climate controls and radio unless they are paper thin because otherwise they would stick out past the buttons
  5. cleaned up the contacts on the signal bulbs and they're workin great now. You were dead on
  6. thats probably my problem but taking the headlights out iza !Removed!. I'll live with fast signals
  7. I wish you'd make up your mind... first of all the stock amp is a piece of crap, if you're replacing the speakers, then get an aftermarket amp because they will sound terrible otherwise. If you get an amp with high level inputs you should be able to just plug in the speaker leads to that, no need for RCAs. I've never used them but that should work. If that doesnt work you can buy line converters that make the speaker leads RCA's but they're expensive for decent ones IMO you'll be much happier if you take out the stock stereo and run all new wiring. Takes 3 or 4 hours and you'll be much happier with the sound, I was. Here's a great article on adding an amp to a stock deck and your options HERE the aftermarket deck wont look as bad as you think. I sanded down the face of the dash kit and painted it flat black to match the A/C controls. Matches perfect, have a look This is the last you'll hear from me on this and I hope to god that anyone else planning to do this, finds this thread oh and I'm pretty sure the wiring is 16 guage
  8. something else you should know... I've yet to get my power antenna working ever since i put in the new deck, im sure you could find it if you try. It's probably one of the wires that went into the factory amp. On the deck its the blue wire with a white stripe that controls it
  9. happens all the time to me. Worst part is I smoke and just end up hotboxing my car. I can usually get it down but its a pain in the !Removed! compared to most cars
  10. here you can see where i spliced into the door and tweeter speakers and then ran them to the back of the deck. Its a lot easier then trying to run new wires through the door hinge. You'll find the plug under the cover by your feet on the left. The drivers side colors are yellow and black for the door speaker and pink and purple for the tweeter. I think yellow and pink are the + connections but don't hold me to that. You'll have to get to the speakers to be sure. The colors are different on the passenger side but the wires are in the same location so you can figure it out. You'll have to remove the back seat and dash to figure out the 6 x 9's, not too difficult really. Hope this all makes some sense
  11. after going through wheel well(must remove the mud guards) up through engine compartment. Its the newer looking black one.
  12. here pictures of how to run the 4 guage. I suggest you make a hole in the rubber plug rather then run the wire around it like i did.
  13. first of all, what year? I'm going to assume 92-96 based on the amp location. You can use the stock speakers with aftermarket deck but you'll have to completely take the stock amp out of the equation and run the speaker leads up to the dash. You'll only have input for four speakers though so you'll either have to use some kind of passive crossover or something if you want to make use of the tweeters and front dash speakers(its not worth hooking them up IMO). I used the same wire harness, just match the colors from the aftermarket deck to the harness, they should be industry standard. Its idiot proof once you've got the factory deck out you'll see. There's a rubber plug in the firewall on the drivers side by your feet that leads to the wheel well and from there another hole that leads to the engine compartment and to the battery. You'll have to pull up the carpet to run it back to the trunk from there, it just snaps out once you have the trim off. I'll have more info in a bit...