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Just a new guy wanting to say hello.

Ive got my current car on market and shopping for a sc3 5spd.

Ive been in import drag racing since i was 16 (that was 10 years ago).

my current mess of 4 years is a 92GSX. its gotten to the point that its just not comfortable anymore, and just not very easy to drive as a daily. Guess im getting old, (XXX) and im looking to build a luxury monster. the sc3 seems the road im looking for.

ah, thats all about i have to say :blink:

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The Grinch:

Welcome to the club. We're glad to hear your desires to own the SC300 5sp. Great choice. Although we do not try to sell cars on this side of the forum, I would encourage you to place an ad on our Buy And Sell Forum.

With that said, I'm afraid I will have to remove some of the text referring to your car(XXX). Sorry.




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Not a bad lookin dizm there. What kind of time and trap?

The SC300 is an excellent choice. They don't break quite as much as them tri stars but it will co$t to make one as fast as those gsx's can be. Not that anything is really cheap anymore.

LOL @ the grinch.

Welcome to USLOC.

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