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  1. a spray bottle of water and Simple Green
  2. Ive never had a good look at the SC wood. Is it real with a clear coat? If so I would take it off. sand it down a touch (not to the wood, jut enough to cut the clear a little) with 2000 and buff it out. Or get crazy and refinish it.
  3. What I see is a single turbo setup on an SC300 using a Supra T style intake mannifold with edelbrock throttle body. No Blower I found this pic on the inellexual site. dont know who it is.
  4. You can take it to an auto store and see if a cut would keep them in specs. Might aswell do your pads while youre in there
  5. Im sure this has been talked about before, but i can find anything. Looking at the sc300's, it seems like a plenum style more like the 2JZ GtE would make more sense for turbo applications (front mount plumbing). Ive only been able to find a picture, no info. are there any gains other than easier plug changing to be had? Would the added cost not be worth it?
  6. Ive found this site to be a lot of help
  7. Asking $7000 or trade for 5Spd SC300 Vehicle Description For more pics visit: The time has come to sell the DSM. I know longer have the time to devote to this project and only get to drive it about once every two weeks due to work schedule. I've had it for 4 years. The current engine and turbo setup has been in the car for 14 months , and its running strong and clean. No oil smoke, and turbo has no shaft play. Dyno: The car made a clutch slipping 321whp (no spray) @ 4600rpm on 93 octane before the clutch started to slip. Since then the clutch problem has been
  8. An o2 sensor does just what its called. it measures o2's from your exhaust flow. The ecu reads the o2's signal by voltage. from this it gets your motors air to fuel ratios for that moment. the ecu then makes adjustments to optimize your air to fuel. If your sensors go out most cars will just run rich and lose gas mileage. they should be located just after the collector (the place your exhaust manifold comes together). I believe an OBD2 car will have another just after the catilitic converter. Get a can of PB Buster, they may be stuck.
  9. I heard Zex is coming out with a wet kit. how true that is i don't know. As far as your setup goes though i would not go dry unless your only looking for a 50 shot. I also would not use the zex filter. I big plus about n2o is that it lowers the intake charge. to have the n2o travel so far to get to the motor you would gain unwanted temps. Any wet NOS or NX fuel injected or "import" kit would work. as long as you can tap a hole about 6-8 inches from the throttle body your in good shape.
  10. did you measure the amount you drained? Also, ive never seen a SC AT dip stick but some have a collar that seals/ stops it from just falling in. ive seen that get lose and give enough to cause a wrong reading.
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