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  1. Well, I guess if you want your hob-snobbery of a sound system (God forbid you get a little crackle in your system), you could always do what I did to one of my SC's: 1) Rip out your entire stock sound system (Nachamicwhatever is <censored> crap anyways) 2) Write a really large check to Cerwin-Vega, Infinity, etc. for real metal-coned tweeters and subs 3) Make custom boxes and mounts for your new speakers. I recommend a dremmel tool. 4) Write another large check to Cerwin-Vega for a V12 six channel amp 5) Install the amp under the front seat (difficult) or in the trunk (even more dif
  2. P.S. That was WITH the girlfriend in the car : ) I think she broke the passenger arm rest from freaking out : ) OH what fun!
  3. On a side note: I got one of my SC300's to 152 MPH yesterday. Did so on a 5% down-sloped stretch of Loop 360 in beautiful Austin, TX. I'm SO close to breaking my all-time top speed of 160 MPH (and dying, too :} ). Wish me luck!
  4. Here are my suggestions (as an owner of three SC's): Replace the battery... go to RadioShack, this is one of few instances where they CAN help you without ripping you off. Hold the button for a full second, then release. Hastily pressing the button seems to not work all the time. My keyless entries usually works from a full car-length away (although not GREAT, it is adequate). I have, however, gotten them to work at much farther distances, when trees and/or other cars are not littered around. Good luck!
  5. Mr. O, that truly is the most disgusting green I've ever seen on a car. I know from first-hand experience, one of my SC's is puke green as well! But the other two are Jade Metallic Pearl, so all is good in the land of Lexi. What's really odd is that the two like-colored SC's (according to the Titles) actually shimmer different hues... must be the clear-coating?
  6. Brakes need adequate time to "break in" (ha ha ha)... but if they continue to squeal for too long, your rotors may be shot and/or warped. This is typically the problem for young and/or female drivers (I can say this fairly, as I am young and have replaced more female's than male's rotors), especially if they've previously owned an SUV/Truck. Or your calliper isn't applying equal pressure... Or you're hearing things again! If the squeaking is non-stop, you might try adding oil (the overhead cams REALLY squeak when oil is low). But chances are, it's still your brakes. Or you could do the hig
  7. Where do you live? I'll do it for $100.00 (plus plugs are approx. $40.00 for the good kind). I'm in Austin, TX!
  8. As hard as Lexus tried to put a decent stereo into the new SC, they once again (like all OEM vendors) failed miserably. Sure, it sounds great for a stock system, but it still is stock paper/vinyl crap! I recently finished putting an AWESOME stereo system in one of my SC's (all Cerwin Vega equipment) that hooks up ONLY to my ipod (now that I have 5000 songs, the radio is useless). The iPod plugs directly into the amp while resting in the cup holder (I ran the wire through the little rubber plunger hole so it is entirely hidden from view). The iPod remote is in the process of having its logics
  9. I guess the EASIEST way to do a tune up is to get someone else to do it... just don't go to the Lexus dealership (use a certified Lexus repair shop instead to save money). As an experienced Lexus owner, I must say that getting to those two middle plugs is a pain in the !Removed!. My first suggestion would be to replace the spark plugs, then the spark plug WIRES. After about 100,000 miles, the wires begin to deteriorate (did I spell that right?). You may also want to check that the air filter is clean.
  10. Probably a loose wire (for the display indicator). If all is running well, you're PROBABLY fine.
  11. After noticing that my lighting appeared to be slightly less than adequate on the left side of my car (while driving) I decided to get out and check to see if a bulb was going out. To my surpise, I found all bulbs functional, but working in weird patterns! When just my low beams are supposed to be on, the right low lamp is on full power, but the left low lamp AND the right high beam are on half power. When I flip over to highs, both right lamps work full power, but not the left. I hypothesize that a relay is out... could it be worse? Are there important wires crossed somewhere?
  12. As for my stereo, I chose a 6 channel in 5 Channel out Alpine V12 Amp. It runs Cerwin Vega Fronts and rears and 2 12" Cerwin Vegas in the trunk. It sounds really good, but the bass is a little heavy to any listener in the back seats. The driver's and front passenger's bass level is perfect, but I do occasionally hear my gas sloshing around. I'm going to sound-proof it when i get more time.
  13. I sure am glad I got that 22" Apple Cinema Display so I could view those pictures without having to scroll... LOL: it looks wonderful!
  14. 1. Important (for safety's sake). Yes 2. Not really... 3. With the oil filter changed, 5 sounds about right. 4. <not sure, but I would guess: YES> 5. By the gear selector on the center console, you'll have switches to toggle if you have heated seats (and a "LEXUS" template if you don't) 6. These are not fog lights on 92-94 but cornering lights. They CAN be upgraded, though: search the forum 7. On the rear spoiler? Just plug it in (if the bulbs still work). 8. Dim the brightness until you can get the bulbs replaced 9. Do this: roll down windows. Lock doors with FOB. Unlock doors b
  15. Nikki: Do a search for "headlight cleaning" here in the forum... you'll get more that enough information on how to bake out that condensation in your lights! Also, search for your aforementioned questions... I guarantee you that previous posts will answer all your trivial problems : )
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