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  1. my 93 sc400's passenger door wont open from the outside, and the window wont go down past half way. the door pops open when i try to put the window open all the way. i have no idea why my car is doing this, i have never wrecked nor have i noticed any attempts to break in. what could be the problem, and how can i fix it mysef w/o having to go the dreaded dealer?
  2. yeah, the supra lights would prolly look like crap on the sc, but they look pretty good on the supra :D
  3. have any of you all heard of a supra tail light switch to a sc?
  4. i use the stp fuel injector cleaner....and i know u dont have to put it in w/an oil change, but its a good idea to make it the time to do it so u dont forget and get it done on a reg basis. its not something u need to do all the time unless u burn vegetable oil :D
  5. a little bit of chew never hurt no one :D
  6. what about the passport 8500??
  7. well, the sc isnt bad by any means, but the is has the low end advantage. it can accelerate much quicker in lower rpms, plus it hadldes like a go kart.
  8. yeah, i need help too. i got the bulldog security reomte starter for x-mas and tried to install it the other day. i couldnt figure out how to remove some of the dash pannals in order to expose the wires from the key hole. could anyone that has had this done or knows how to do it for that matter share some info.
  9. i agree w/ucf3 that there are quite a few differences b/t the two cars. the sc400 is so much more heavier, plus it lacks the advantage of the steering wheel shifters (which r really cool :) ). and yes, i took the is and sc out on some of the worst country roads in KY and agree that coming out of some killer turns, the is would have blown an sc out of the water. but when ur racing from the intersection line when the light turns green, id rather be in the v8.
  10. i have always used 93 for my 1993 sc400. the engin is still running quiet and strong at 112,379 miles. i occationally add a bottle of octane boost on top of the 93 gas in the winter for a little fun :D . also, its a good idea to add fuel injector cleaner every time u get ur oil chnaged.
  11. the is will beat the sc to sixty, but what about 100??
  12. dont run an IS 300 for pink slips, you will be walking! is this a personal experence??
  13. is ur camrey stock, or do u have some performance mods done to it? i have driven that same model car and agree that it is surprisingly fast, but i still would rather have the fun little steering wheel shifters on the IS.......Does anyone know if a v8 version of the IS??
  14. i took my 93 sc400 to get its fluids and breaks changed by my local dealer. they didnt have my car for me in time, so they gave me a loner.....a 2003 IS300. i had the car for about 3 days. i am convinced its the quickest little 4-door on the market. i got my car back today and went drving. it was then i realized that the sc still kicks the is's !Removed!. have any of you all had similar experiences or care to share some stories about trading cars for a couple days and deciding if u need a new vehicle :D ?
  15. thanks for the info. do u know how much im looking at for the sc kit and how easy it is to install?
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