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Horrible News From Lexus Dealer!

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I just got a email from my lexus dealer today that is as follows:


Hi C********,

I regret to tell you a bad news. The vehicle we ordered for Brian is

missing from the system, which means I will have no vehicle for him

for August delivery.... My manager couldn't figure out why it is

missing. To compensate your inconvenience, we have assigned a new

2009 model IS250awd for Brian and the vehicle will arrive early


Sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


/end quote/

I am very very angry, I ordered this car a few months ago and asked them to deliver it now because we were going on vacation. Now, 8 days before our scheduled pick up he tells me this. Brian, my brother who is going to University in August needs a car and now he is not able to get it!

Does anyone have any advice on what to do?

Does anyone know what changes there are going to be in the 2009 IS?

Thanks for the advice.

It sounds to me, based on your time crunch, that your best bet would be to go down, pick out an IS on his lot that is closest to what you ordered, and require a hefty discount for your inconvenience.

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Its not really a breach of contract, you put down a refundable deposit, they're not contracted to deliver anything.

When I ordered my car way back when they ordered the wrong interior color. People screw things up...thats life.

Call around to some other dealers and see what they have, but right now 08s are going to be hard to find...

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The weird thing is that our ES's order was placed without problem and is already ready for pickup, but the IS was completely missing.

Missing? It's not a tube sock, it's a $35k car. Those don't just go "missing" in transit.

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If you are dead set on the one you originally ordered, then I think your request for a loaner until your car arrives is not out of line... however, you ordered a base model IS. It's not like you ordered some combination of color/accessories that cannot be found. I would think that the dealer would at least offer to hunt around at other dealerships to find what you want for immediate delivery to your home, for the trouble they have caused. As SW03ES correctly stated, mistakes can be, and frequently are made in life. IMHO, I think that you should swallow the feelings of victimization, and go at the dealer with possible solutions. Let them know that you feel that they need to make it right, but also offer your suggestions for what they can do to accomplish that for you. Also, be sure to make contact with the Customer Satisfaction Rep. at the dealership. They are there to make sure that the customer is happy, and, at least at my dealer here in So Cal, they do a spectacular job. Then, if you still do not get satisfaction, you can always elevate to the corporate level. It is really in the dealerships best interest to do what they can to make sure you are happy. They are BIG on repeat customers, as well as word of mouth referral.

Good luck to you!

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