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  1. Instead of bumping up a thread that's 10 years old, you are better off starting a new thread, if you can't find the info in a search.
  2. Umm. You're welcome, but I posted that 9 years ago..... [/ZOMBIE THREAD]
  3. I'm with you on fog, but we are going to have to agree to disagree on rain. I've been driving with high beams in rain for 29 years--maybe it's not advisable in a torrential downpour, but in regular rainy conditions, I'd rather drive with more light on the road, not less.
  4. @Dark Grey RX350 -- you disconnected your high beam bulbs because you don't like the DRLs? What do you do on a dark road at night? or in the rain? That seems totally unsafe? Why not just ask the dealer to turn off your DRLs?
  5. You are in the wrong forum--this is the IS 2nd Gen forum. https://secure.drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrivers/info/my-lexus/resources/navigationmaps.do
  6. It's not 1985 anymore. You won't ruin your car by driving it in the winter due to salt on the roads; modern cars will not rust away. I have had my car 8 years, including some nasty winters, and there's not a speck of rust anywhere. I have AWD with all seasons, but have read plenty of posts by RWD owners that use winter tires. Some say that's a better setup than AWD with all seasons. Unfortunately, I can't help you on sizing. Good help on tirerack.com though.
  7. An infant seat in the middle, with a booster too? Good luck.
  8. A good baby supply store should let you bring it outside to test the fit. Any rear facing seat will be tight, especially a convertible seat. When I got my IS, my convertible seat was already facing forward, and that fit fine--as long as the front passenger is not really tall.
  9. Is this different than other manufacturers as to staggered set up?
  10. I'll help you. Why on earth would you want to spend thousands of dollars to install an in dash navi system that wasn't even state of the art when it came out 8 years ago? If you really want to do it, there are step-by-step threads on ClubLexus to do it. Google maps are way better than the Lexus system--just the screen is smaller; and Google provides real time traffic from crowd sourced Android phones, not some spotty traffic service (not that the 07 Lexus system even has traffic info). And--who is really going to want to help you when your first posts bash everyone here? Why is it our fault that you picked the Lexus owners forum with much less messaging traffic? Look at other threads here, and the frequency of posts. Good luck.
  11. I don't know, but your sig says you have a 350, which isn't covered by the CSP.
  12. VBDenny--Sport mode for the AT is *only* the ability to "manually" shift with the paddles or gear shift. It doesn't do anything else--there are no suspension settings, steering changes, etc. If you hit the "sport" button, it changes the AT shift points--which would not really work so well if you were manually shifting anyway.
  13. All 2nd Gen IS's had the 6 speed for the auto, other than the IS-F, which had the 8 speed. 3rd Gen RWD gets the 8 speed. I have a 250--but the paddle shifters are a waste of time--all they do is lock out gears above the gear you are in. So--if you are in 4th, you really have a 4 speed auto--it won't hold the car in 4th from down shifting.
  14. links broken, can anyone provide? You mean provide the link to the post from 6 years ago? this thread is still here; why wouldn't the other one be? both same age? thanks for your sarcastic and patronising reply tho, super helpful _b My mistake. I'm sure Engine Passion still follows this thread 6 years later, and has kept a bookmark to the original links...
  15. links broken, can anyone provide? You mean provide the link to the post from 6 years ago?
  16. This doesn't make any sense, unless you detail your car with the engine running. If your lights are in AUTO, they will turn off (depending on your LPS settings) when you open the driver door, or 30/60/90 seconds after you do that--they won't stay on.
  17. I can't imagine that the Lexus dealers are any cheaper than Infiniti. I've had my IS250 for 7 years, and I've never regretted my purchase. You might want to consider the Audi A4 too. I test drove an ATS this spring, and was pretty impressed with that too--much quicker than my IS.
  18. Then why does the service program only apply to certain model years, instead of all model years? And why would companies keep putting out DI engines if they will end up having to take the engines apart later on?
  19. 1. Switch is set to "ON" instead of "DOOR". 2. Dome light stays on for a minute after you close the door. 3. It is possible that some small dent formed on the inside of the door where it strikes the button to turn off the dome light, so that the button does not get pressed down far enough when you close the door. I had this happen when a seatbelt got caught in the door when it was closed. If this is the case, some type of adhesive (I used one of those adhesive foam pads you would stick under a chair leg) right in that spot will press down the button enough. If it's not one of those 3, I don't know.
  20. What's your inservice date? Are you still under the power train warranty?
  21. Sounds like the battery was recently disconnected. All you need to do is go to each door and hold the switch down then hold it to go back up. from there, the switches from the drivers panel will work along with the 1 touch feature.
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