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  1. From a user on clublexus forums. The harness is plug and play, but you still need to route the bluetooth mic and GPS antenna. <The whole center console needs to come out to do the install. The only cutting and splicing of wires is to install the optional backup camera. I got it from the Automax Rep on clublexus/ Just PM him.
  2. I have it. The unit is nice and very well made. It looks very OEm, except for a slight difference in brightness between the CD changer lights and the nav buttons. The functionality it offers is impressive. There are some glitches though: Canadian owners read temp in farenheit but the number is incorrect The climate control always defaults to outside air when turned on, instead of recirc or auto The default nav program is so so, but I loaded igo8 on it and it's much better The SUB mp3 player can't resume form the middle of a song Ipod only allows artist and album browsing, not playlist I've had mine for three weeks and it's been trouble free. My backup camera stopped working this week end, but I suspect I have a loose connection.
  3. There is a better option now:
  4. There is recall. The letter is just to tell you to wait for the next letter for the recall, but in the meantime throw out your mats so you can't blame lexus if you crash.
  5. There are minor changes from 2006, to 07-08. Notably, the traction control/VSC is much easier to deactivate.
  6. You can tell in winter. Try going uphill on a snow covered road. If the Traction control is enabled the rear wheels will not spin, and the car will barely move. If disable the TC, your rear wheels will spin, but then suddenly the front will lurch forward and start moving. Be careful though, it is a heavily rear biased RWD system, you can fishtail the back easily if you give too much throttle in a sharp turn.
  7. What worries is me is that this is an attempt by Toyota to make it look like they are doing something, and deflecting attention away from the California incident, that may signal a much more troublesome underlying problem.
  8. It probably modulates how sensitive the accelerator is to pressure.
  9. Step in to a base 328xi, and you'll see what cheap is.
  10. It was my understanding that the fluid can not be fully flushed by pump in the IS250/350. It requires a full dismantling of the unit.
  11. You sir, deserve a pair of these:
  12. Agreed ^ WHy did the IS-F get their own sub-forum? It's still a 2nd gen chassis. Or they too good for the rest of us common folk? :D
  13. That's a possibility. Remember that Lexus TPMS sensors are very specific. Not just any TPMS will be compatible. I believe Pacific makes them. f you bit your TPMS from tirerack, the invoice willshow the codes.
  14. Irontoad's prices look real good. Anyone know if they ship to canada? Or an equivalent outlet here? Allow me to answer my own question: NO.
  15. Do you have a set of TPMS in the new rims?
  16. Are you using a new set of TPMS or the old ones? Do see a red triangle with exclamation mark on the dash? If so, you need to take the car to the dealer and have them program the new TPMS set to be recognized. I hope you kept the ID codes!
  17. Irontoad's prices look real good. Anyone know if they ship to canada? Or an equivalent outlet here?
  18. Your tires rotate enough when you drive, leave them be :P
  19. What's the air conditioner filter listed in the service schedule? Is it the one in the glove box?
  20. It's no wagon. The back seat sucks and the trunk has a ridiculously small opening.
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