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Rear Spoiler And Car Wash


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Has anyone here ever used an automatic car wash and damaged the rear spoiler of their GX 470?

I just got a CPO GX 470 and I am thinking of using an automatic car wash to clean it.

I need input from GX 470 owners who uses an automatic car wash. Help!

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Just one thing.

Don't do it!

If you want swirl marks, scatches etc. etc. etc. Lexus uses a very soft clear coat that scratches very easy.

If you take it to a car wash use the touchless type or by hand with a two bucket system.

Take your time and read through this thead it will tell you alot about what your asking.

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Me too, no issues. But the wash I go to has the soft cloth strips, I would not use a wash with those nylon (or whatever material they are) spinning brushes. Probably even better is a touchless wash, but who knows, every one is different & some probably blast water so hard it could cause a scratch.

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I just bought a CPO ES300 and my dealer, Lexus of Toledo, gives you free car washes for the life of your warranty, does your dealer do that or is mine just special? The dealers have a special kind of wash that doesn't damage the car.

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