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  1. Sounds like the famous "Clunk" issue. Toyota actually issued a TSB (technical service bulletin) for it back in 2006, but then updated it in 2008. It basically involves the dealer replacing the drive shaft. Now I think there is a new propeller shaft assembly. This was for the GX 470, but I am pretty sure other models like the LX, RX and a few others experience the same thing. People were saying that if you have less than 70K (?) the dealer does it for free. For a temporary solution (if that is what this problem is), you can try greasing the drive shaft, a lot of people reported that the problem then goes away for 3K - 10K miles depending. Here is a link showing the lube points. Look at the bottom of this page, there is a good explanation about possible Clunk causes. I am attaching the TSB I found for the Clunk, & also another one about vibration. CLUNK_TSB_2008.pdf Steering_Drive_Line_Vibration_issue_Feb_2008.pdf
  2. I am looking at buying a 2002 LX 470 with 99K miles on it. It has Nav, ML Sound, and I *think* a rear DVD (I need to confirm that), oh and the exterior color is white, interior is tan. I should be able to negotiate a price of between $17,500 - $17,950 What do you think?
  3. I went through the same dilemma. After finding out about the TSB for this GX470 clunk last year. A little background- we bought a 2004 GX470 with about 58k mi. in June 2008. I debated if I sould get the clunk fixed before it hit 70/72k miles. Since the clunk does not happen every time I stop and was not very severe I decided not to have the fix done. Some may argue that it is a 'free' repair and I am a fool not to have it done, but I did not want to risk having more things wrong (e.g., the rear suspension, overall ride) AFTER the repair than before. My suggestion is -- if your 'clunk' is really bad or happens a lot, then get it fixed. If it is only once in a while and you are happy with the overall ride & everything, then you may be better off not doing it. Also, if your dealer's service dept. is really good & helpful, then you should probably do it -- if anything goes wrong after they will take care of it. BUT, I would have them document (in writing if possible) that there are no other suspension/drive issues BEFORE you do the fix, so if something ELSE is not right after they do it, you can say that it was a direct result of the TSB fix (some places try to say it is unrelated & not caused by their repair, etc.).
  4. Did you trade-in that H2 or sell it yourself? Yeah I was looking at H3s for my wife, but since we already have a Highlander I could not convince myself that a Hummer would be even close to the GX in reliability, etc. I think the visibility is poor too. Had to go with the GX. I wouldn't mind owning a H2 to drive here & there and off-road, but that is not really practical at this point.
  5. Wow, that is incredible service. Is the tech a friend of yours, just curious. I need to find out how to get someone to come to my house if I ever need work done. Was this a guy working at a Lexus dealer in the service dept.? Oh BTW, I found this site that lots of people have been talking about in other threads. It allows you to unlock all the features of a Nav unit, including playing the rear DVD on the front screen. It's the 'Lockpick' or 'Ultimate Lockpick'
  6. Yes, exactly. I want to keep the existing radio and 6-disc changer and just add the flip-up DVD player. If I had to remove the stock radio I would just get a big 7" screen DVD (double DIN), but I want to avoid that if possible. I mean the existing changer works great, I was just thinking about adding video to the mix. I see what you are saying about a custom plate, but not really looking to do that. Now, if I do remove the stock radio I will probably have to get a new changer since the existing one sits inside the dash and integrated with the slot load, correct? I doubt if an aftermarket head unit will be able to use the stock changer, but I can ask around. Last question, if I do replace the stock with a double din DVD screen and end up getting a new changer I would probably have to mount it underneath the dash or something (maybe with the new MP3 player units I would not really need a changer, huh?) question is, would the cortrols on the steering wheel still work with an aftermarket stereo?
  7. Has anyone done this (or know if it can be done) - add a single DIN DVD (motorized 7" screen) to a non-NAV GX-470. I have an '04 with out Nav, but it has the in-dash 6 CD changer. I want to keep the changer, but was interested in adding a DVD unit for video, can I keep all the functionality I have now, but add the DVD? Looks like there may be space for a single DIN unit below the a/c controls? Thanks for any help.
  8. Ah, cool. Question: did you have it installed so it's hard wired to your FM radio (so sound plays through the stereo), or is it wireless using RF. Also, do you have headphones too, are they IR wireless? Reason I am asking is that I am interested in getting one installed so that I can either have people listen to IR headphones (while I listed to CD or radio through the car's speakers) OR play the DVD's sound through the stereo. Oh, BTW what was the charge for Firedog install. Were you satisfied with the quality? Thanks
  9. True, but those things are not cheap. I see them running like $500 or more. I have noticed SUVs driving around my area with 'Thule' brand roof boxes, it looks like they attach to the two existing cross bars of the roof rack. Not as much storage space as a tow caddy, but a lot less cost from what I can tell. Not sure of the best place online to buy one, you may want to start at EDIT -- I did a quick check, here is one of the Thule boxes, I have see bigger ones, but this provides some storage and is on sale for $189
  10. When you fold them up against the front seats, that's not enough space? If you really need that much cargo room, take a look at a roof storage box, or if the weather is good, load all your stuff on the roof rack (put some padding down first) and use a cargo net to secure it tightly.
  11. RF is radio frequency, so you have to tune your radio to a specific freq. IR is infared and you will see a small (red, I think) light directly on the DVD unit. It may be easier to just buy a replacement pair, should only be like $20 I think
  12. Are you talking about the headphones for listening to the DVD player? Are they Lexus or aftermarket? and IR or RF? Provide a bit more info and maybe someone knows if that can be fixed.
  13. I have a 2004 GX and it has the bumper (tow) cover on the back (sorry if I am not calling it by the correct name), how can I tell if it has been 'tow preped'? Do I just pull on that cover with my hands to remove it? Sorry if that is a silly question, I have never messed with towing stuff.
  14. I am curious about this as well, my 2004 has a square plate underneath the back bumper in front of the spare, I assume this is where I bolt on a hitch that then curves under the back and sticks out to attach whatever I am towing to? I have to look if there is electrical down there too. Maybe the local Lexus dealer's service dept. could answer this for us?
  15. I wish I had an answer, but probably ask the local dealer's service dept. they have run across that before I'm pretty sure (one of the techs knows I bet, even if the manager has no clue). Just curoius, did you buy the overhead unit separate & then take it to a local shop for the install? or did you get everything done at once? About how much was it. I read in my manual (2004 GX, but my manual is from a 2003, lol, thats all they had to give me) that the rear audio (headphone jacks) only works if you have a CD and a Casette inserted, I have to test it out to see if that is true. Right now mine does not work when I plug-in headphones (but I do not have a casette in - have to first dig one up :P ). I do not have a DVD, just the overhead light, but am planning to get an aftermarket one installed. Thanks for any insight into the process, hope you fins a good solution.