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Lexus Es 350 Buyer


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Greeting all,

As a potential buyer who is in the market for an 08 or 09 ES 350, some the postings in this forum have convinced me not to buy a used Lexus. Why? Simply because many people who buy these cars want to play 'engineer'. Why would I ground a wire so I can watch a DVD? or use an octane gas not 'recommended' by the owner's manual? $40000.00 is not peanuts unless you're making well into six or seven figures, but if you can afford 40k+ why not not go all the way with what the designers recommend, unless you're a Lexus designer. Remember this car is heavy on computer-chips to control and manage most of its functions. Your car may run fine on a lower octane fuel but that doesn't mean its running at its optimum rating and for me that will always be my goal. Ensure that it remains in excellent condition. If you love your Lexus, you won't cut corners, but then again maybe you will, love doesn't mean the same thing for all. Remember there is always that chance you could screw something up. I can tell you without reservation that when I purchase my Lexus I will remain faithful to the owners manual. It will probably be the most pampered car I ever owned :rolleyes: The silver lining in all this. Some of your postings have helped me decide that I need to buy a new Lexus. :D

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Honestly? 99% of owners will follow the owners manual religiously< and if the car is only a year old with only 10-15k miles, theres not a whole lot that anyone could do to screw the car up.

The members on this forum are not representative of all ES350 owners.

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Dude: My 2004 RX330 has 146,000 miles on 87 octane......changed the spark plugs at 130,000 miles and they were still clean with no deposits. The throttle body has only been cleaned twice. Gets excellent fuel economy and uses 1/3 quart of oil every 5,000 miles. The ES350 has 11,000 miles on 87 and runs fine. If it pings I'll go to 89. But do as you like while I'm saving $.20/gal.

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