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  1. Not a bad deal, given the significant upgrade! Also, welcome to the LOC!
  2. To use one of DC's finer quotes: "We're ALL amateurs; It's just that some of us are more professional about it than others"
  3. Yes - due to the fact that you are pushing 300+ hp in the IS350 and the fact that the IS350 is considerably more expensive than the Mazda. However, contact your insurance agent, he/she will be able to give you a professional opinion on the matter.
  4. I just had the Goodyear F1 All Season tires installed on my RWD IS 350 (live in Denver, CO). Although I have not had a chance to drive them in the snow, I have had the chance to drive them in some heavy rains and I can report that they performed EXTREMELY well :D I printed off the Tire Rack price and took it to my local GY dealer who agreed to match the pricing from Tire Rack Another tire that several other LOC members have reported great success with are the Continental Extreme Contacts. You will find that the Continentals are less expensive than the F1's. Let us know what you end up purchasing.
  5. Actually, I'm surprised that you have "balls" to shave, given how much you complain about your hurting! Again, try STOP complaining and ENJOY your car - YOU made the decision to buy it. Otherwise, do us ALL a favor and sell your IS so we no longer have to listen to you "whine" :cries: !
  6. I hope they are as good a tire as they look. The weather in Denver has been all over the board, but I know we'll have a snow fall this month for me to try out the new treads!
  7. Unless you purchase from Sewell Lexus. '07 IS250 Key Fob: Lexus Key:
  8. I don't recall you mentioning the back issues when you made the Vegas trip and I definitely do not recall you saying anything about Tylenol. Maybe you just need a good adjustment??? A Chiropractor can probably help you with your back issues.
  9. I'M JEALOUS Great post Smooth! WOW - I love the lowered stance and I can only imagine how much nicer the ride is with the mods - ENJOY
  10. Smooth - Yes, I am running the F1 All Seasons.
  11. I would request to see the "old" damaged bumper that they removed from the vehicle. Not to completely doubt that they are truly replacing the bumper, but this will ensure they have replaced it vs. repairing it. That is definitely a bum deal. It may be worth "milking" to get an added upgrade or mod out of them as well.
  12. Stevie's contributions to this site CANNOT be overshadowed!! His "logic" is awesome, especially when he laces it with his "emotional stance". :D I will second Randy's statement. Steve and I had a "GO ROUND" when I first joined the site; however, Steve has always given very sound advice. If you are looking for his sympathy then you will be disappointed. But, I'd rather have the sound logical advice that he always provides!
  13. You will definitely be able to save some money by purchasing an '08 vs. '09. The dealership can NOT pull your credit unless you pre-authorize them to do so. If they do run your credit without your approval, then they are breaking the law! Do your homework before you go to the dealership. There are several dealerships in the DC metro area to choose from, make sure you do your homework on your choices. Some dealerships are better than others. Also, make sure you meet the service stafff and ask about their loaner car program. One of the benefits of purchasing the Lexus brand is the loaner program; however, not all dealerships have the same loaner policies. Don't be pressured into buying a car. Take your time, asks lots of questions and be willing to WALK AWAY if they are not willing to offer you the deal you want (within reason). Good luck and post some pics once you make the purchase.
  14. I used the TSIB to have the front pads replaced on my '06 IS350 and my wife's '07 ES350 - fully covered under each respective TSIB. Our Lexus dealership is AWESOME!
  15. I just had the GY All Season F1's installed on my 350. I have not had an opportunity to test them in the snow, but they are AWESOME in the rain! My local GY dealer was willing to match the TireRack prices - YEAH :D So far I am very happy with the tires and would recommend them.
  16. I have a clear bra installed on both of my Lexus vehicles and I would HIGHLY recommend them. If you are a golfer or if you have young kids, I would also suggest getting the rear bumper covered to prevent scratches! As SW has stated, the clear bra does require regular maintenance. If it becomes "milky" you can typically have it professionally buffed or attempt it on your own to bring back the shine :D I had mine professionally buffed and it looks brand new again.
  17. You "may" see a slight gain in hp, but nothing very significant. Not sure of the MPG or the metal alloy choice. You may want to contact "Smooth1" for some advice. He is a wealth of knowledge and can probably provide you with some valuable insight.
  18. Rishy - I'd have to agree with some of the other posts. Although this site is intended for people to connect with other Lexus owners and share their thoughts, knowledge, concerns, complaints, good & bad stories, suggestions, etc. it seems that you tend to "complain" a LOT! Which begs the question, "WHY did you buy the car?" Instead of trying to find EVERYTHING wrong with your IS 250, why don't you at least make an attempt to look for the postive things you like about the car that YOU chose to purchase? As you mature, you will realize it is not always about looking "cool"! The IS line is a sports car, NOT a "cruiser". If you want more luxury for long trips then I would recommend the ES, which I own and is a great long distance driving vechicle. You are VERY blessed to be 20 and own such a great car! Stop complaining and try to enjoy the luxuries you have in your young adult life :D
  19. The front of the new TL looks like a knock off of the newer Cadillacs - YUCK!!! The back end looks like a futuristic verison of a car from the 50's - double YUCK!!! The IS 350's stance is timeless and beautiful. I get compliments on my car ALL the time :D Hands down the RWD IS 350 is the best car. Not to mention that the interior layout and design of the Lexus line is far superior to the Acura line.
  20. Smooth - Nice mod choices! I just had GY F1's installed on my 06 350! They provide a SWEET stance and the performance has yet to be tested in bad weather (i.e.: snow). However, I have driven it in some heavy rains and the tires performed exceptionally well. Have fun with your mods.
  21. LMAO! Maybe his GF weighed a "ton" and after they broke up (10,000 miles) the car was faster from sheding a ton?????
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