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  1. Yes indeed, agreed, the more I see these two, the more I'm seriously considering trading in my 09......Still looking hard at GS as well.....Lexus has really laid down a serious challenge to the competition especially the Germans.....These two cars really compliment each other, that ending is too cool...
  2. I was wondering if they'd hold the line on pricing on the new ES. There is a lot of competition out there so it might be in L's interest to keep pricing about the same. I think they did with the new GS, but that model really needed sales help where the ES has always sold well. Good point
  3. This car is beautiful, the more I see it, the more I Iove what Lexus has done. I just hope the option packages don't go too far north.....I saw somewhere that the base price is going to be around 37K.....
  4. Could be a dead battery, the exact same thing happened to me about two weeks ago, and the problem was the battery.
  5. .....and the 2013 Toyota Avalon, wow!!, very nice. A Lexus sales rep. told me the Avalon is the ES's biggest competitor....but I think the ES is in a different class, in design and engineering, it's ahead for sure., but the look of the Avalon, man that car is sharp...
  6. It sounds like you're ready to break open the checkbook come August?? lol...I'm tempted for sure, but first things first...price and my trade in. It will be interesting to see what price point Lexus will set this ES at, and the 'layered' options can add up fast, I prefer real leather, not sure about the NuLuxe 'leather', I have to see it/feel it. I just hope the options don't place it in the mid to upper 40's, we'll see...but I'm in the hunting mode now for
  7. Damn, I'm eating 'crow',...indeed I complained about the looks of the ES in China, but I'm 180 now, this car is absolutely awesome, the interior, the dash, even the hood line...very nice, elegant and classy, have to see it in person, but I'm aboard now. I'm really feeling the LS look, and I understand they have 'tweaked' the suspension. Can't wait to do a test drive Right on, I agree, the LS must be a killer, because this car has scaled closer to LS 460....Lexus will have a time keeping this one on the lots, I'm thinking seriously about trading up my 09 I was headed toward the GS,
  8. Well I will qualify my last statement, I can see myself upgrading to a GS, if I can get a good trade in on my 09, then it's a real possibility in 2013, I'll sit out this year.
  9. What happened with the dashboard??, there does not seem to be a coherent flow to it? Guys I may have to sit this design out. Have you seen the interior of the 2013 Cadillac XTS?, this car is drop dead gorgeous inside. Where is the design team that designed the 07 ES?. Did they get fired? What's up? I showed these pics to my dealer in ATL and he admitted that there is some resemblance to the Sonata. Not good and not Lexus like. In fact I find the redesigned Camry a better looking car. Why did Lexus make the ES bigger?, wrong move, might as well get a fully loaded Avalon Limited. The Avalon act
  10. You are definitely on point, the exterior looks too plain, no chrome, hard to believe they missed that and the interior is jusy barely ok, I'm not sure what the designers were thinkingt, but I don't see how Lexus can regain their selling title with this design. Have you seen the 2013 XTS caddy?, I don't know if I'm ready to pull the plug just yet, but I won't be rushing out to buy one. I'll probably look more at the Mercedes or BMW, wow, but those maintenance cost may force me to look elsewhere...all in all I hope I will soften up when I see it in person....
  11. The front seems to be overdone. My first impressions is I'm not really feeling the changes and I still prefer my 09, I'm really disappointed, (maybe it's the color scheme??), but all that could change when I see it in person. I hope this is the 'China" edition and the US edition will be significantly different...
  12. Yeah I confirm. My dealer was already using a blend (regular + syn). I was told over a year ago that they would eventually be going with only synthetics in the future so I guess the future is here.
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