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New Guy Questions Again

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:huh: I've been looking for a while with no luck? I don't really want much, as far as replacement parts. But, I can't even find a FIPK kit for my 97' ES 300. I kind of thought the car was the same as a Camry? Sorry to have such a bulky request, but I know you guys are the ones to ask even if redundant. Please help.

Anybody have suggestions for replacement headlight bulbs (brand), or a strut brace, or even replacement struts.... I was thinking about using KYB's? I also wanted to replace the Gold emblems with the nickel, but the dealership only has them for the newer ones, and I'm not sure they fit the same? I may even just paint them black? Any ideas guys?? Anybody running synthetic oil in the tranny??

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PIAA Xtreme Whites or Sylvania Silverstars are very crisp and clean white. Same for the fogs.

Mobil 1 in tranny since first oil change. Filters vary between OEM and M1. Changes every 5,000 mi.

stock strut bar (standard on 02 and up).

Try eBay for emblems, they are always popping up, gold silver and black pearl.

can't hlep on struts or springs, I ridin' stock.


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Will the '02 and up strut bars clear the hood on the '97-01 (I know the width is ok)? I wanted to put one (or the OEM Solara strut bar, which looks the same except powder coated black instead of silver) on my '96, but I've read that hood clearance is the problem, not tower spacing.

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