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  1. i have a 96 complete OEM lexus service manual for sale $70 shipped.
  2. m2pc, i didn't thought of that. that is a good way to remove the headlight.
  3. if you need a good transmission at low price, email me. my friend has a hook up with some really good prices on used tranny.
  4. it's weird. when i got the car, a/c worked great. Then, after driving 1200 non-stop miles, a/c died. the next day, a/c didn't work. but the next day, a/c worked great. I thought it was the compressor, so i replaced the compressor. I didn't chance drier, expansion valve, and I did not vacuum the system out before charging. Instead, i installed a new compressor and charged it with freon. (so it is possible that i have air in the a/c system) anyways.. it worked great for a few days until i had to put another 400 miles on the car. A/c works only when i drive around short distances.. but for after driving more than 300 miles, a/c doesn't work for two days. Any suggestions?
  5. you basically remove all little stupid carpet thingys in the trunk that are covering the tail light. take out a few 10mm nuts. (on passenger side, you need to remove 1 or 2 nuts for locking mechanism. your taillight should easily be removed from the car. replace light bulb. it took me about 10 minutes my first time. my second time..2-3 minutes.
  6. I bought my harness too.. it was harness and installation kit on ebay for 32.99 harness is weird in a way that it plugs into RCA preouts out the headunit for all the signals. ignition, battery, illumination..etc..
  7. I've got 130 for stock radio on ebay I am currently using the stock amplifier. But for the right price, i would sell mine off. Please contact me with your best price (including shipping and handling) if the price is right, i will pull it out tonight and send it out 8am tomorrow. oh, i accept paypal
  8. hi, i've asked this question before. my a/c got overcharged. and i thought my compressor was dead, so i installed a new a/c compressor. after charging, a/c still doesn't work. someone told me that there is blow off disc inside of the high pressure line (from compressor to condenser) is this true? can anyone confirm this? also, is blow off disc same as expansion valve?
  9. that's weird. i have 95 with aftermarket HID, it works great.
  10. there are a few things you can do. but for starters, you can get a harness if you want to use the stock amp. i got my installation kit and harness for 24.99 off ebay you can install an aftermarket amp or you can use your headunit (aftermarket)'s to power your speakers...but you will have to get some new speakers.
  11. solution:: you forgot to hook up the remote wire for the amp. i forgot what color it or blue with white stripe. you connect that with remote wire on your head unit.
  12. i second that. you have to take the door panel off. there are two screws and 1 plastic clip underneath the window control thingy.
  13. i can get you a radio either nakamichi or pioneer used one in good shape for $220 shipped to your door. if interested.
  14. if this fixed your problem, send me a christmas card or birthday card. i collect cards.
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