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My 96 LS400 is misfiring on the right side. Compression is good in all cylinders. A large amount of fuel is hitting the plugs and causing the misfire. There is a constant stream of fuel going to them. Does anybody have a sugggestion as to what may be causing this to happen. I was thinking it may be the Cam Poisitioning Sensor or the Enginge Control Unit? Anybody have any ideas. Thanks.

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I'd start with checking the ignition components. Check engine light?

All new wires, plugs, etc. Complete tuneup done and still did not fix the problem. When I clean the plug or put new ones it it runs fine for a few seconds then the plugs get fouled again. The fuel continues to foul the plugs. The fuel wont stop entering. It's like it has a constant flow.

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if you had a complete tune up performed then the timing on the belt may be off. I'd take the two upper covers off so you can see the Timing Belt and rotate the crankshaft pulley using a 22mm bolt/wrench and check the timing marks. if you notice in this pic the white line on the timing belt, you wanna make sure those align perfectly with the marks on the engine or you can have misfiring due to the timing being off. when i did mine the two line were pretty difficult to line up so i'd check that first.


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did your tune up include new caps and rotors? my mom's ls had a light misfire, that new sparks, wires, caps, and rotors solved. the car is a beast now.

For what it may help.

My 95 LS 400 had a slight misfire - especially when accelerating.

Obviously thought of all the usual supsects, plugs, leads, ignition, timing etc.

The culprit was a leaking rocker cover gasket that was letting oil seap into two of the spark plug recesses

Eventually the top of these two plugs where covered in oil.

Every thing was dried out - gasket replaced, car now runs fine

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