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  1. hey guys i was looking on ebay and was these wheel caps. search for "lexus steering wheel" and a company named "mini-43" the posting says that is will only work on 95+ LS's but there is another post about a cover for the 92-99 SC now i know that the sc and ls are very similar and if it works for one it should work for the other but i just wanted to know if anyone has tried this product and has any useful info about it. The first two pics are the LS/LX one and the lastt is the SC cap Thanks :D PS go Bucks beat USC!!!
  2. i need all 5 trans sensors. let me know how much
  3. Always drop the pan and change the filter and gasket. The filter collects a lot of metal shavings and so does the magnets in the bottom of the pan. if you gasket gets too old and corroded it might leak causing more problems. also Toyota T-4 fluid is not used for the Power steering just like Dex/Merc fluid is not used for the trans
  4. It sounds like your belt may be off. you said that the engine was removed and flushed so the timing belt may be off. Go to Lexls.com and you can see pics of the timing marks. The Bosch parts may be the issue also. the IAC is under the Power steering pump and has two hoses connected to it one from the intake the other from the intake manifold.
  5. original is denso platinum. Iridium is better. I used Sparkplugs.com for the best pricing
  6. This is true do not pay Sewell Lexus for a Manual
  7. u probly need a tune up. spark plugs and wires. hopefully its that simple. have them inspected or if you have any common sense go to lexls.com and inspect them yourself. if they look very old and fragile then they need replacing if you really aren't sure post your mileage and a pic and we'll tell you the best advice
  8. i currently am trying to rebuild my trans to save a 200mi trip. i have taken off the torque converter housing and the bolts under it. but that piece doesn't come out. i am going to take off the drain pan and see if i can dig deeper that way. i have also taken off the back extension but i need a large deep socket. does anyone have any info or help to offer. I will be posting pics soon for those interested.
  9. no personal expirence with Megan products but on all the Honda forums i've visited Megan brand products are considered trash. just a head's up
  10. you can always call Lexus Corporate. That will get things done quickly.
  11. see I wanna get a Body Kit but i don't want the whole Race Car look i want something like the Benz kits which make the car look custom but classy. and those side skirts are the best available IMO.
  12. I must be confused. I thought the link that I provided specified the tool was for bolt, not pulley removal. "Remove and Install the crank bolt on Lexus/Toyota with ease" This tool, for bolt removal (I think at least): http://www.etoolcart.com/index.asp?PageAct...amp;ProdID=7204 looks quite different than the tool specified in step 18 here: http://www.lexls.com/tutorials/engine/timingbelt.html for pulley removal. Is there another tool or bolt I am getting mixed up? Perhaps this link explains it more clearly: http://www.denlorstools.com/home/dt1/page_...ley_holder.html These two links are for the correct tool. all you need is a breaker bar and a torque wrench. you use the torque wrench on the holder tool to keep it from moving and use the breaker bar with leverage against your car to loosen the bolt. When I loosened the bolt the whole engine rocked with me just to let you know how tight the bolt is. Use plenty of PB Blaster. and don't cuss too much. here is the ebay link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Toyota-Lexu...emZ180189527177 if the link don't work go to ebay and search for "ZDmak" store and look under "Toyota Tools"
  13. For stiffer suspension you can try Koni struts. everyone says the KYB and Tokico have soft yet firm OEM feel. The Eibach springs are European and i think H&R are too. Tanabe is what most people like due to cost and workmanship For coilovers you can get the Tein coilovers and EDFC which allows you to adjust the height in the car. Bigger wheels will affect the handling, i'd study offsets and tire sizes on Clublexus.com From what people say Euro cars are made for Autobahn driving. very fun to drive, good handling and fast. Jap cars are made for reliablity. also fun to drive, fast, but made for American driving (65mph on I-70) but you can push a Jap car. I would say lower it and get larger wheels. BMW's are not much different except for the quality of parts.
  14. when i first got my car it did this but it was winter so i didn't mind. when the summer came #@$%! but a spark plug/wire change fixed the issue.
  15. sounds like you've got air struts and one of them is bad. if you post or search the LS400 forum you can get lots of info
  16. sorry no sticky but it prob should be. but here is the thread. http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...hl=engine+stall
  17. The same thing happened to almost all 95-96 owners. if you do a search you can find a lot of into. i think NC211 was the first to diagnose the problem and has a long thread. it might even be a sticky? but there was a recall.
  18. so if i wanted to have my 90 look like this 94 then i can just buy the under body molding. and is it compatible with all years?
  19. I think he is saying that it has not caused a problem. and when he says "they" i think he means the dealer. so gasket paper should work fine.
  20. if you had a complete tune up performed then the timing on the belt may be off. I'd take the two upper covers off so you can see the Timing Belt and rotate the crankshaft pulley using a 22mm bolt/wrench and check the timing marks. if you notice in this pic the white line on the timing belt, you wanna make sure those align perfectly with the marks on the engine or you can have misfiring due to the timing being off. when i did mine the two line were pretty difficult to line up so i'd check that first.
  21. there is a Toyota/Lexus specialty tool available on ebay to remove the bolt. Works like a charm. cost about $70. it works the same way the harmonic balancer does by attaching screws into the pulley yo stop it from moving. It will not damage the pulley or the bolt.
  22. The cheapest place for most OEM parts is www.autopartsplace.com. the brands are OEM aftermarket meaning they are produced by the OEM company but sold for less as aftermarket parts. If you do a part number search you can find most parts for less than the dealer charges.
  23. I just found some keys on Ebay for Very Cheap. Search For JagGraveyard and look under Lexus Parts. $13 bucks per set
  24. i would bleed the system again. jack the front and turn the wheel lock to lock again and see if the level goes down. if so then there was air in the system. cant hurt and bleeding the system can take a very long time.
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