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  1. THANK YOU! I'm ecstatic over this fix! I've lived with this problem for 4 years! I can't wait to tackle this over the weekend!
  2. Hey guys, I'm not very active on the forum as much as i used to be but I just wanted to share the warm and fuzzy feelings i still have for the LS400. I'm still in love. I bought my rusty and trusty Chicago LS400 5 years ago, to the date. Its been a great car and 96,000 miles later (306k) still runs as smoothly as it did when i first got it. I She's been retired to spare car duty as the AC went out late last summer. My 95 is far superior, and my GF's 2000 is even better, but the first gen still is a damn fine car.
  3. considering that i just purchased a 2000 with 4.5 times as many miles,(186k) I know for a fact you are going to love the car. They last as long as you want them to. A buddy of mine is a volvo fanatic, but still appreciates the awesome engineering of the LS. The 98-00 models are exceptional and still very modern IMO. I savored over that exact car for for quite some time. Keep that baby clean! CONGRATS! MORE PICS!
  4. sent you an email. Feel any difference with new converters?
  5. thanks for all the kind words and advice guys! My mechanic buddy came over and showed me how to take the calipers off, inspect, reinstall, and bleed the system. I didn't break anything and the car brakes perfectly now. I bought my buddy dinner and case of red stripe beers. All in all not a very expensive mistake!!
  6. So i was changing out the pads on my 95 ls400. Well i finished the back and thought i installed the front pads too. but i pushed the brake pedal to check the brakes while i still had the car up and then realized i hadn't installed the front pads :cries: :chairshot: . Now i tried pushing back the pistons but the bottom inner pistons on both sides will not budge. Did i ruin my calipers? :cries: How do i bleed the LS? I tried searching but I'm panicking. I normally dont make such stupid mistakes. I was rushing because this was my first day off in a while and i wanted to get it done befo
  7. if i believe hard enough i think they will....
  8. if anybody finds a white passenger 95-97 please let me know!!
  9. i will take them please. Any thing else you wanna sell?
  10. i'm interested in this knob! please get back to me asap! xxx that. just read the thread. won't fit on my 95.... :(
  11. did you every find a mirror? i talked to a guy with a parts ls in atlanta . his is blue too
  12. not to be a vulture... but could you possible get some stuff from your car? i could use a passenger side window switch, first aid kit under the seat, floor mats, tool kit(... jack too), shifter indicator, trunk mat and spare wheel would be nice too! steering wheel and shift knob would be nice too along with all the wood trim really... I think you should buy your car back from the insurance company if you can. You could sell alot of stuff of it. PM me when you get a chance. And just get an LS430, they are phenomenal! 04+ if possible. Its still a very modern, comfortable, elegant and reliabl
  13. wow! your as obsessed with LS400's as i am! how much did you get this one for? How much do you want for your OWP? How's the 90k difference feel between cars? Looks just like my 95! :) I have some 98' rims i'm gonna put on her. Have you tried using one of the fobs from your other cars? 95-97 is compatible i do believe. Sorry about the dealers, they are there to make money, not help.
  14. a 90-92 nak headunit will fit. Plug n play. the nak cassette player is much better. trust me i've been through alot of radios with 4 ls400's
  15. 95+ are interference. I REALLY like my new to me 95. Its a very incremental update but 95-97 models have alot of upgrades that make the ls400 a much more modern car compared to the 1st gen. 98+ cars are nice but still out of my price range. whats your budget? 98+ models are still very competent in almost every aspect of a modern luxury car.
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