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What Type Of Engine Coolant To Use?


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I have heard conflicting stories about the type of engine coolant (Antifreeze) that is required. Can I use just a regular coolant or does it have to be a high performance coolant? Stock engine is all I have.

Use Toyota Super Long Life Coolant (Pink in colour) only. It is already pre-mixed with distilled water.

I'm getting the coolant change done this coming weekend on my 2005 ES.


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I would use the toyota Pink, a little expensive but it will last 5 years or 150k miles....The toyota fluid is an excellent fluid and protects all of the bi-metals in the engine with no silicate in it.

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I had Peak Antifreeze and coolant and I just read the label which said "use with any color coolant or any make of car." I guess it is ok to mix green and pink with newer antifreeze and coolants.

I would NEVER MIX coolants, Or any fluid for that matter...

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