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Tungsten Pearl, Breakwater Blue

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BWB was my first choice, but they couldnt locate one. I didnt want to special order, so I went with Tungsten. It all depends on what YOU like, but there are just SO MANY silver cars out there. i would still get the BWB if I could.

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BWB was also my first choice, but my dealership said it was rare and hard to find, so i just went with Tungsten Pearl

I wanted to get the Blue for my fiance, but I could only find it with tan interior, So I got the Tungsten with black. I pick her up Monday night. Lets hope she likes it.

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Funny, when I bought my first one, I wanted BWB but as many have already said, the dealership couldn't find one. My second choice was Glacier Frost Mica, but guess what... couldn't find one of those either.

I backed into my third choice, which was the Tungsten Pearl (with Black Interior). One day, while I was at Lowe's, someone parked a new IS250 beside me which was BWB. That was the first time I was happy I didn't get my first choice.

Of course, this is ENTIRELY subjective, but to me the TP was much nicer.

When I exchanged my '07 350 for my '08, I again wanted GFM (I've only even seen it in pics and I LOVE it), but I got the same old Lexus song and dance (it will take at least 3 months).

So, I opted for the Starfire Pearl (white). I'm very happy with the color and actually prefer it to the TP '07 I had.

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Ok, well, Break Water Blue and Desert Sage Green Metallic. I think Tungston is a good color, but everytime I see one a girl is driving it. LOL!!!

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