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  1. I am looking for a mobile detailer or car wash in Orange, CA (or area) that is recommended by the forum. Thanks!
  2. I just got the Vais Tech installed. It works very well and sounds very well. The only negative is that you can only browse the nav screen by playlist not album or artist. I have just setup a playlist for each artist to alleviate that problem. It charges it and everything. if you have any questions please let me know.
  3. I also got a Vais Tech integration Kit. Works good, Sounds Great! Also charges iPod. It was a piece of cake to install.
  4. How do you add the video switcher? Do you know what the wiring may look like?
  5. Has anyone attempted to integrate a front view camera with the factory nav display? This would be used for parking assistance and probably be mounted in the front grill facing down. Help is appreciated!
  6. Has anyone put the Toyota iPod interface kit in their 2008 IS? If so, what is the functionality? How much is it? What does the dealer charge to install? Is an after market kit better? Thanks!
  7. Hey not to scare you but i had a 1999 black GS400 that did the same thing.... well except it never shut off. End up having to take the battery out. The next day i took it to the dealer and he said it had been in a flood. The salt water had started to get to some of the wires so it was causing some problems. Mind you i had just purchased this car on e-bay for ATL and did a carfax before i had it shipped to MD. Long story short, get it checked out by a dealer to make sure you don't have to go through what i did.... The carfax didn't state the flood damage?
  8. That sucks, I honestly feel bad for you! I use mine all the time. In my previous experience you have to remove the entire seat from the car and possibly do some upholstery work...for me it is definitely a dealer fix but depending on the cost you may want to attempt it yourself. You may have some problems locating the instructions though.
  9. well...first of all the zune is a microsoft product, the ipod is an apple product. When you buy the ipod it will come with itunes, this is software that will let you transfer all your cd's to the ipod. It is very easy to hook up your ipod to your 2008 ES, all you have to do is get a line-in cable from any radio shack, this cable will have a 3.5mm male plug on both ends, one end will go into the ipod the other will plug into the AUX port on your car, I am not sure where this port is on the ES, in the IS it is inside the center console, but if you can't find it check your manual. All you have to do after that is press play on the iPod and press the AUX on the car stereo, the AUX button may be in different locations depending on if you have the Navigation system or not, again check your owners manual for this. If you have any questions fee free to ask!
  10. 2007 DVD Navigation System Update - Data Ver. 07.1 So the 2008 model years have the 7.1 disc?
  11. are the nav updates the same on all Lexus Navigation systems?
  12. Does anyone know what the latest nav release is?
  13. I just got an IS with Nav and could not transfer the phone book from my Treo 700w either. It seems you need the "Bluetooth Phonebook Transfer Option" on your phone. Most common $99 flip phones have that but our $500 PDA Phones do not, go figure. If you figure it out let me know.