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Tire Question

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Hey everybody. I have read through the tire threads in this forum, and the tire forum, but have not seen a reply that answers my question.

What I am thinking of doing is replacing the two worn rear tires on my 93 GS300.

It currently has Michelin Pilot XGT V4's on all four wheels. What I am thinking of doing is putting the less-expensive Michelin Pilot XGT H4's on the rear as replacements. I am thinking that as I don't intend driving at high speeds, the lesser speed rating will be adequate for my needs.

What do people here think? Do you recommend any other Michelin tires such as the Hydroedge instead? I will be driving in Sacramento, so will only have rain to contend with this winter.

any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Yeah but he's not talking about different brands, just going down a speed rating. Probably not a problem.

Generally I never replace just two tires like some people do unless they're pretty new and I've had a flat or something. I always replace all 4 even if I'm replacing with the same tire.

I also (except for my Explorer because the tires are the best) no longer buy Michelin's because they're really overpriced.

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I agree that all four should be replaced at once, however the front tires are in good shape. They have plenty of wear left so should be good for a few more years.

I have had a few experts say that there should not be a problem with a different speed rating, so long as they are the same sort of tire.

What concerns me is why the rear tires wore out quicker than the front.


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But what is the "better tire", being more expensive isn't neccisarily better.

very very true!!!its kind of like buying rice krispies and crisp rice!!lol.same thing by same manufactor only ones cheaper! :D

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