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Gs Rims On An Es

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I looked into it before. The difference is definatetly the offset. After that, the GS rims are 1/2" wider or something like that.

The will fit, but you'll have to buy wheels spacers for your car. 10-15mm wheel spacers should do the trick. YOu can get them off ebay cheap.


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wheel spacers will not do anything

they will only cause the rim to rub more

a front wheel drive car will have a more negative offset about 43 mm for the es

while a rea wheel drive will have about 35-40mm offset

which means the rear wheel drive car has the rims center hub closer to the middle of the rim

which pushes the outerlip further away from the car

so adding a spacer is only makeing problems worse with no good effects

if it was the other way around it would work better

but you should still never use spacers

they are best in a 5mm and nothing over as they flex on cornering

and are for manily brake caliper clearence issues

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