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Need An Aftermarket Alarm/starter System, Any Advi

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Hey guys.

I'm new here, just registered. I was wondering in any of you guys know of a great alarm system and/or car starter system for up to $200. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

P.S. My car is in the shop now-got flood damage, but they're changing my entire engine :D

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welcome to the club!

theres alot of alarms with remote start around for that can try pep boys for a cheap one.even walmart sells them.i think a few people here have the remote start so maybe they will post what they use.

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for 200 that is a starting price for the unit alone

do not uy a cheap one

as it can stop the car from running completly

buy a clifford , viper , or code alarm

anything less and to me it is not worth it

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I agree. I just got a Viper 790XV installed and it's loaded. You can find them for $500 installed with 1 remote or $600 with 2 remotes. Remote Start is part of the package.

It's very nice and one of the new 2-way alarm systems.

I looked at the Viper 550 as well, which is a basic alarm with remote start. They're about $300 installed. If you shop around you can find it for that price. (It's like a Viper 500 ESP alarm with the Viper 150 remote start. Alone either one of those is about $200 installed.)

Remember that Directed owns Viper, Clifford and about 10 other alarm brands now. There are similar systems out for most of their brands. I've been told that Directed uses the same core for all of the brands, with the exception of some Clifford as they're newly acquired and haven't had their line retooled.

The installation takes about 2 hours at a shop. In order to get Directed's warrantee it must be professionally installed. The install cost is about $100 of the price tag on these systems. Very reasonable, IMHO.

If you do get a remote start system make sure you ask how many remotes it comes with. If you need 2, find somebody that will give you 2. If you shop around a bit, you can get 2 for the same price as others with 1.

Hope this helps,


New 96 ES300 owner.

92k miles

(No sig yet, cause I suck)

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