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  1. I'm not sure what you're asking for. I think you're asking if the owners of an integrated GPS system have any reception problems. The answer to that would be No, not due to the cabin. The antenna would be an exterior one, and would depend solely on it's view of the sky at the time. Remember that GPS depends on multiple satellites in view at any one time. If you have 3 you get a fix. If you have 4 you get a better fix along with better altitude information. Well you get the idea. The problem with a handheld in a vehicle is that you can be affected more by 'urban canyons' and other obstr
  2. I agree. I just got a Viper 790XV installed and it's loaded. You can find them for $500 installed with 1 remote or $600 with 2 remotes. Remote Start is part of the package. It's very nice and one of the new 2-way alarm systems. I looked at the Viper 550 as well, which is a basic alarm with remote start. They're about $300 installed. If you shop around you can find it for that price. (It's like a Viper 500 ESP alarm with the Viper 150 remote start. Alone either one of those is about $200 installed.) Remember that Directed owns Viper, Clifford and about 10 other alarm brands now. Ther
  3. Yeah, that's too true. But, I do want to enjoy my Lexus for many more seasons. I shall enjoy the ride, my friend. I shall.
  4. I'll look into the tranny fluid. Even though it doesn't meet my stated ROI, it will definitely pay off in the long run. Speaking of that. Anything else I should be doing / using to achieve longevity in my vehicle that may not be obvious? No ROI considerations. And I consider the tranny fluid not to be obvious. Thanks again,
  5. Thanks for the quick reply on my question. I've never cared about what a vehicle performs like, rides like, etc. in the past (Been driving for 25 years) as the previous vehicles were just vehicles. A tool to get from A to B. With the Lexus, I found out what a REAL car can be and what I've been missing all of these years. When I think I could have been driving about 1/2 of those years in a Lexus, I am deeply saddened. Enough on that. Thanks for the info on the Continentals. I don't know enough about cars to be able to make a BS judgement yet. I do know Computers, and they are very simil
  6. I read about those at Sound awesome, and the user reviews on them are all positive. However, my local tire place told me that Continental was a 'discount' tire company and they didn't carry them. My question is this, 'Since when is 90 bucks a piece, discount?' Enough rant. I'm the one that's interested in mileage and ride. I understand about a nice alloy wheel improving the ride as they offer weight reduction. Now, are the larger the rims and the smaller profile tires the best way to do for ride quality? Ride quality in this instance = smoothness of ride. Thanks, Elr
  7. Thanks for all of the input. It's been a great help. Steered me away from a CAI for one. It makes sense what you said about it. I'll definitely get a fuel system cleaning, but I won't do that until I have 2 or 3 tanks on the K & N filter. I want to see what it can do for me. I know that these things can be subjective. But my driving is constant with minimal variables. I'll report any changes in MPG positive or negative from what I've tried. Most of my driving is on the Interstate at 75 MPH. I have 45 miles one way with 80% of it at 75. Only 3 of the miles is non-interstate. Th
  8. This is my second post, the first was similar but wasn't specific to MPG only. I have a 96 ES300 with 92k on it. It's in great shape and I want it to last for a good many years. The last vehicle I had was a little beater (95 Hyundai Elantra) that had 183k on it when I got rid of it. I figure if I can get that out of an Elantra, I should get 1 or 2 million from my Lexus. (Well 500k anyway). Currently I'm getting 25.5 MPG. I improved it by .7 MPG by ensuring full tire inflation (Was SEVERELY underinflated on 1 tire). As I put 25k a year on my car and gas prices are rising so fast, I'm on
  9. Great... Thanks for the information. That's what I was looking for. I don't want to do much to it, just want to ensure that the ride stays great. Any suggestions on washing / detailing the vehicle. I've never even wanted to treat a vehicle I own well before, but I want this one to last and remain the beauty it is today. Elronse
  10. Just bought my 96 ES300 2 weeks ago. Love it. I put over 500 miles a week on it and am wondering what I can do to enhance the mileage I get and anything I can do for comfort improvement. I currently get a bit over 25 mpg on 91 octane. What I'm looking for are categories for improvement and suggestions within those categories. Some that come to my mind are: Mileage: 1) Air Intake - Replace with K & N filter, Cold Air or something similar. Comfort: 1) Alloy and tire combinations 2) Suspension upgrades 3) Cabin noise - Best treatment for seals on the doors? I've read that gumm
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