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Are You Windows Slow

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ok my windows have been a problem for a while

i ordered a used master switch form cali and it was out of a 92 cmary and it was very different inside

as i was going to cannibalize it for electrical parts

it seems as i opened up my switches for the windows that the contacts had been covered in black carbon from arcing contacts

so i cleaned them all up and they work fine now

with the exception of one of my buttons the oin is broken

mad ea good difference

basically had to remove the door panel

and then the master switch

then slowly open it up and clean the contacts

which do not like to stay in place

but it was worth saving the 250 for a new one

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they are not mad ethat way but if the user doesn't depress the button all the way it causes arcing which leaves carbon trails on the contacts which increase its resistance

another problem is the alternator and power wires which i have also changed to elivitae some of the other problems also

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yea my passenger side front window is slow as a turtle!every other window goes up fast but that one.i was think the motor was going bad.i have to try the contact cleaning trick.but it does it with either switch!the driver master switch and its own switch so thats whats making me think its the motor.

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i thought that also but it depends as there is a common ground for both switches

which supply power from the master to the slave switches

so if there is any resistance on that current flow it will carry into the other one also

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<_< Yes, mine are slow and it's annoying.

I want them to zoom up - LOL

By the time I let go of my 92 ES, NONE of the windows worked. None of them. Imagine that kind of fun in So Cal :wacko:

I've also noticed that my windows do not roll up in unison.

Yes, I notice things like that ;)

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Hey SK give me $2 on Rear Driver Side window! "DADDY NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES!!!" hehe.

Ya know what. i didn't notice my window being slow untill today when i was rolling it up and rememberd this thread!!! honest :lol:

But that could have been just because i was watching it... Who knows!?!?!? :)

All i know is that the windows on my sisters 97 ford explorer go up SUPER FAST, like honestly you should see it, i would bet them to Win/PLace/Show (the gamblers in the group should know what i mean :P )



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