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My Dirty Headlights

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<_< Hey guys, I'm new here. I read a little bit here and can tell that help is on this domain. I will do my best to give a little engine expertise, but thats about all i can offer.

Ok. My first question. My 1992 ES300 has some dirty headlights. Problem is, all of the debris and dirt is internal. I can't afford new fixtures right now, so I would like to have them look decent for a bit longer until I have the $$$. So has anyone ever performed such an operation on headlights?


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do a search on clearing corners. Even though you may not be actually clearing the corners, these threads will provide you with instructions on how to remove your headlights, open them, clean them out and then reassemble them. You only need an oven, some silicone sealer, some rudimentary tools and a moderate dose of patience.


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