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Remember when they stopped mailing these out? well...i have been a long time membership on the lexus.com owners site. and i logged into today, and it told me i had not been there for 3 months. So it said please update your information. Off to the side, there was a option for

Lexus Magazine (yes) or (no)

Service Reminders (yes) or (no).

none of those bubbles were filled in. I get service reminders for my IS but not my RX and the letters do include some valuable coupons for your service. I suggest you guys log in/make an account so you can get those magazines again. like read to puruse on your spare time, maybe put in on the coffee table

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I haven't received the Lexus glossy magazine in years and don't want it to show up in my mailbox again. When I receive a magazine from an automotive company I expect to read about automotive products, issues, and future plans, not some exotic French skin rejuvinator made from bat guano or a tree house bed-and-breakfast in Sumatra. Most of the glossy car rags these days are worthless....

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It truly is a worthless piece of crap with a moron for an editor. Who do they subscribe to thinking a Lexus owner cares less about a free magazine filled with nothing.

Reminds me of Paris Hilton.

Looks ok but nothing amazing.

Has a grand heritage to expect great things.

Just to get inside her head and find out you are the only one there?

She is an idiot and so is the magazine filled with someones idea of how to waste money. Give me a Lexus driving school and make the world a better place.

I am starting to think we should write the editor of the magazine and get some real opinions on there direction.

I want to know about new options new cars , looking back at previous models and comparisons and especially the cars and the people who own them.

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