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Considering Selling My Is 350

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Where online is the best place to sell my IS 350? It's going to be hard to get rid of, it's an awesome car.

Why are you selling!?

One main reason is I can't sell my other car. I originally had someone that wanted to purchase my BMW so I didn't trade it in, then of course they got turned down for the loan (that was there excuse). For the past 5 months I've been paying for two cars.

AutoTrader both online and the print version. I'd also put it in the Atlanta newspaper classifieds.

I've had good luck with the Auto Trader in the past but I wasn't sure if a fairly expensive 2007 Lexus would sell in the Auto Trader.

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Auto Trader has good coverage. You can even find new cars at dealer lots on there. I think it's worth a try.

I found my O2 IS on Auto Trader while I was in Ohio, bought it there and drove it back to Alabama. The car was one year old when I got it.

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