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Can This Be A Defect?

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Guys (& possible ladies),

For all of us who love our cars, seeing this is not a pretty sight :cries:

At first sight, I thought it was yet another noob that backed in to me.

However, I see no scratches nor dents nor any indications i've been hit.

And no I have not been ramming into other ppl :P

I would like to think this is a defect (just so i can pay those lexus ppl a visit)

Anyone know what would likely cause this?




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The liner is torn? That's the part you have to take loose to change foglight bulbs, I think.

Didnt change the fog lights yet.... any ideas what could have cause it? like bumpy rides? And more importantly is it costly to fix =(

I tried to unscrew the screws but they just keep turning and making a click sound. I stopped there for fear of doing more damage.

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I would get a fiberglass kit at Walmart and take the line out and fiberglass it back together. paint it black and you are all set. But since it is a new car I would take it to Lexus and ask them to replace it on their dime.

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I agree. Take it to the Lexus dealer first and try to get them to fix it on warranty.

If you can't, here's the tutorial on how to partially. The clips are removed by turning the slotted part 90 degrees and then popping them out.(this is actually how to change foglight bulbs.)






I tried to match yours up. It looks like your liner is torn right where the upper clip would be. From your pic, it also looks like there may be an extra gap between the fender extension and the bumper extension. Can't tell for sure.

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Barkart - Thanks for your great help. !

Yea the alignment is off.

I took it to a repairer yesterday, they told me looks like someone tried to pull the front bar off.

Also quoted me a 1000$ repair job . Yikes! The front bar has to be replaced apparently + the liner.

Thanks for your help.



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