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Om New Here... Here Are Picx Of My Sc300 And What Ive Done So Far Afte


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i got my SC about 3-4 months ago at some ghetto dealership. i bought it for 4500 and its a 5spd... only real reason why i got it cuz i know theyre hard to find...

but anyways when i got it the AC barely worked, door handle was broken, trunk shocks are out, headlights were yellow and had water in it. has a cheap !Removed! CD player, knob was torn, armrest looks nice and toasted, steering wheel is ripped, needles in cluster dont work, steering didnt tilt... you know all the common SC problems....

well on to the pics...

when i first bought it with the ghetto 18" chrome lexani wheels...




after the first day i got it i hated those rims so much i took them off and sold them on ebay for 450 and borrowed my fronds 350 wheels for the time being


since i sold my accord for 10k and picked up this car for cheap i started ordering stuff






after waiting around 2 months for parts to come in i finally had a chance to install everything and get it off to paint...

i think it came out well... car is painted s2k black






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Looks very nice, and I like the body kit. JDM? Black is the best color IMO, and the black pearl emblems are a good touch too. I'm about to get the same type of emblems b/c the front emblem is broken as you can see. Where'd you get yours? Where'd you get the body kit?

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Hey man, Everytime i look at your car I start to like the look more and more. Do you think you could list the parts your put in and maybe the places where you got them. No rush just when you have some time.

Thanks alot,


Also how did you take your first spoiler off is it juts bolted on your is there more to it. Thanks.

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One word... SOWEEET!

I like it. Very tastefull. Quite clean indeed :D Had to do a few double-takes on the spoiler, but I think it works.

Please share the exact size and offset of your wheels. I haven't got the bank yet to pick up a set of blades for my ride, but when I do I'll either be going with a deep-dish similar to yours or a convex style similar to the stock BMW 650i.

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...The wheels, booja, the wheels.

I just want to know the size and offset. Because I keep running across guys in wheel & tire shops that say that a deep-dish with more than about a 1" lip will not work on our SCs. But you've clearly got more than a 1" lip on yours.


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thanks for the kind words... i will back up the looks with power... belive me, my last car i had 504whp and that was in a 4 bangin honda on pump has daily driven

my wheel setup is 19x10 with a 20 offset all around... 235/35 in front and 245/35 in rear

my fenders were rolled and pulled slightly in front but not much i just used the fender roller and kept putting more force into it til it flared out a lil bit... but it will mess up your fender, i just got mine repaired hne they resprayed it

but with that said and how my car sits... it cambers in quite a bit when lowered. stock height the wheels stuck out a lil over an inch but after dropped it it all went under... id say you could still do about a +15-+18 offset on a 10" and still be ok... i actually want my rears out a lil more like another 5mm

heres a pic of it slammed... it all tucked under the fender with a 10" with a +20


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I also like the look of the wider rear wheel. But I've always been afraid of loosing the structural integrity of the rear wheel well by rolling it. I know of some guys who've cut the (horizontal) lip off the wheel well first, and then rolled. I assume you just bent the lip up on yours? Did you bother torch-heating (after taking the plastic guard off) - to make the metal more pliable before rolling?

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What made you decide to go with the Honda S2000 black? I'm getting my car repainted soon and I saw a clean black S2000 after reading your post and the black paint looked very nice. Just wanna hear why you decided to go with that version of black? Nice car.

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im so glad that you took those rims off!!! i was hoping as soon as i saw the first picture that you didnt think those rims looked even slightly acceptable :lol: anyway i also hope thats a genuine vertex kit you have... very nice nonetheless!

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haha well i knew 35 is the legal limit on the windows

ive got 20% on my car and havent gotten trouble for it

but yea, i jus figured tinting ur windshield would be extremely obvious considering that u cant tint it at all... seems like asking for a ticket

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  • 3 weeks later...

pm replied... my front windshield is not tinted... i like to be safe and be able to see when i drive...

and as far as the black i picked this black bc black s2000 always look good in pics and i wanted a really black black with no metallic in it and this one is like that

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