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  1. I need to replace my power steering pump on my 2000 SC4. Does anyone on here know if a re-man PS pump from 1998-1999 SC 400 would fit? I'd like to avoid spending OEM price since it's extremely high and labor won't be cheap. I'm curious to know more about this subject since my engine is a 1UZ V8 just like the LS 400, GS 400 & SC 400 from 98-99. Expert feedback would be appreciated.
  2. ^ I checked the vids out on youtube and I'm thoroughly convinced that the Magnaflow Street Series 14829 mufflers are the best upgrade for my SC. Thanks for the info fellaz!
  3. You'd probably feel much different if that 99 SC you're sportin was a 400/V8 or maybe you should go turbo for max performance. just my .02 cents ;)
  4. ^ Nice 99 SC!! That's the color I really wanted but settled for my all black '00 SC since it had low low miles(35k) at the time of purchase. B)
  5. I asked the same question awhile ago. Look here!! ;);#entry203943
  6. Entrepreneur/Chauffeur business owner
  7. 94 Honda Civic EX(coupe), 96 Honda Accord EX(coupe) & 97 Honda Accord EX(coupe). I used to be a huge 4-banger fan. Not anymore LOL!
  8. I'm currently sitting on 20's wrapped in 245/35/20 all the way around. However, I'm not sure if 275 will fit in the rear but I do know that 255 or 265 can fit. Also, that 30zr you want on the rears is a disaster waiting to happen if you come across any potholes or uneven roadways. Good luck!
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