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  1. Question? When you delete your 2 small Cats, does that screw up the 02 sensors that are before and after the 2 small Cats? I just had a guy drill out the center of mine and the car is running horribly. Any advice?

  2. Hello. I am new on here and i want to get as much horsepower possible in my 92 sc400. It is the same color and everything. if u could please tell me where to start far as engine. i really need someone to guide me in the right direction...intake...etc..thanks

  3. Tuesday (for a hamburger today)
  4. What the heck is cornswaggle? Popcorn :P
  5. Dog show Smooth, it sounds like you have the good life, golf in the mornings, fast cars in the day time, and ladies at night... Well I must say I would rather be hot then cold, Florida vs. Alaska, I think I will take Florida every time even in the summer......
  6. Ghost.... (the cartoon old school) You know Smoothe I really like Florida as I almost moved to the Destin area last year on the gulf... I quickly reconsidered after thinking about the constant humidy, hurracanes, and sharks I would have to deal with.....
  7. Well smooth, if that's the case then I stand corrected...I thought we were talking about the 400 lexus's only... I no nothing about the smaller torque converters that hook up with the IS300's..
  8. Nice pics Smooth... "I got to hand it to you Mr. Sosa you have every thing a man can want..." "Tony, I can tell there is no lying in you...." All I got in this world is my word and my balls and I don't break them for nobody.... Captain
  9. Smooth, a torque converter is a torque converter no matter how you look at it.....As long as it is balanced and set at the same stall rate one should not feel different then another... I do have a story to tell though and it wasn't all roses with the DTC...I ordered the Dragon torque converter and installed it and got vibration because it was not in balance.... I took it out and returned it as it may became unbalanced during shipping or just was not checked by the company..... Precision Industries took the TC shaker back and sent me another one free of charge...Installation twice was a pain though.....Now after 4 years of running on this one I experience no noies, no vibration, great lowend power and torque, and nothing bad to say about it...
  10. Smooth my boy I gotta disagree... I've been riding around with my Dragon Torque converter for 4 years now and it makes no noise, and operates just perfect... I can't say one thing bad about the Precision Industries Dragon Torque converter....Well maybe the price is a little much... You can basically get the same product for half the price at Lextreme.com... They take your stock torque converter and recalibrate it for you for around $400...
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