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Ls430 Verses Gs430


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I currently own a LS400 ('96) with 165k of mostly highway miles. It is in great shape but I drive a lot for my job and have had the car for 5 years. Do I HAVE to change cars?-------no but I just love the LS430s (2002,2003). My dilemma is that my lovely wife, Mrs. TennesseeLexus wants me to look at the GS430 (or GS300) because she thinks since it is a smaller car it will cost a lot less. I am looking at around $28-30K for a LS430 but I know next to nothing about the GS line except that the GS430 (2003 and above) are really fast and more of a sports car than the LS430.

I realize this is a LS400/LS430 forum but any feed back would be appreciated---pro or con. I really don’t know what I am going to do. YOU MUST KEEP THE MRS. HAPPY THOUGH. I would be looking at a 2004 and above for the GS430. I am also posting this same message on the GS430 forum.

Thanks and happy motor’n.

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I haven't done my research with the LS430 but when searching for a gen 2.5 (98-00) LS400, I noticed that the GS300's usually cost the same with equal condition/miles, and the GS400's would usually be more. I think the GS is generally more popular so even though the original price was much lower, they cost about the same after they're a few years old.

After seeing this, I was set on getting the LS.

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I've had my 97 Ls for about 5 years now and do a lot of driving. I'm very seriously leaning on getting a GS430. The LS is nice and every thing but the GS is more exciting to drive and still very sharp looking. Drove the GS and I don't think there is a whole lot of difference in over all quality of the ride. But when the little speedracer in all of us comes out the GS just feel so much better.

Oh well my two cents. Either way your not going to make a bad decision.

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Wow..tough call on this one my friend. I've had this delima too, and am currently thinking along similar lines, minus trading in my LS for the GS, but rather trading in the Mrs.'s Honda Civic for a used GS400. If I had to make this choice though of getting rid of my LS for the GS, I would probably have to check into a mental hospital because I'm sure I'd go nuts trying to make up my mind. I think that if the most driving you do is cruising on the highway, then the LS would be my pick, as it's such a perfect highway cruiser. And, they do have a V8 after all :) . But I also understand that little speed demon in us all....got one too myself. I just think you get more physical materials with the LS model, and over time, keeps it's classical looks. Not to say the GS doesn't look classy, but I think the LS commands a more "dominating" appeal.

How about a LS430 with adjustable suspension so you can set it to "sport" when that demon shows up? Just set aside $4,000 in an interest CD somewhere to repair the suspension when it goes.

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I own one of each. They are both great, but for different reasons. What is the same is build quality and reliability.

The GS carves up a road, and the LS isolates you from the road. I like both.

Around here the GS is far cheaper for the equivalent year.

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Wow...I was in the same position about 6 months ago. I started out wanting an 01-03 GS430 and ended up with an LS430. Here's why i went LS:

1. The LS430 platform is newer than the GS platform of that era; the GS was introduced in 1998

2. At least here in SoCal the price difference between the GS and LS of same age is minimal (have seen GS for more actually)

3. LS has newer materials inside and a more modern look

4. LS with sport package/tires or air suspension handles surprisingly well; I would venture almost as well as the GS

5. GS is significantly smaller inside than the LS430. Both front and back, headroom and legroom. the GS seems smaller inside than even the ES330. LS is quite roomy in all dimensions.

6. LS gets better gas mileage than the GS430 and on very close to GS300.

7. More features/options than GS


GS is faster

Styling is less anonymous and more aggressive.

GS certainly feels sportier

LS has something of an 'old man' rep (unfairly deserved I say)

I say drive one of each (with Ms. in tow) and see how you feel. If you want to sway her make her sit in the back of an UL LS with massage seats.... :pirate:

I wanted the features and the softer ride, and I needed the room so I went LS.

But I don't think you can make a bad choice either way...LS-GS. Tomato-tomato...

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