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been back since the 5th but i havent been around to post anything hope everyones fourth was good anyways going to china i was hoping to a plethora of very cool looking or super technologically advance being china is going to one of the biggest car markets within the next few years... though i was very disappointed the amount of lexuses i saw during my trip was around 8-12 actual count may be different but it was around 4 LS 400's 93-98 1 Rx330 a Rx330 badged with the 300 on it... i dont know then some Es's old and new the rest newer LS430s... but if anyone has been to any of the chineses cities u know that VW and Audi is the most found car brand there over toyota over honda it was werid to see A6's and A8's everywhere also werid to see buick as a very high class car anyways i have some pictures not really interesting a new GS ad in china took me 4 days to take a good picture from the bus... enjoy






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I had a Chinese(exchange student from a small town outside of Harbin) room-mate last year, and I questioned him a lot about what cars they have over there. He said Toyota, Honda, etc. are not very popular because he said they just don't like the Japanese. He was shocked to see all of the Toyotas and Hondas here in the US. He was very familiar with VW, MB, BMW, Buick, and Lincoln because those are the most popular makes on the roads there. He said a lot of officials have Lincolns; I showed him a picture of a Town Car, but he didn't recognize it.

That Crown looks great, and I'm so jealous of those power folding mirrors on that beige 95-97 LS!! :D

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haha id idnt know if the crown was popular here or not but check out the front embelm i love it and holy crap i didnt even notice the power mirrors ohh soo envyous also heres a nissan something looks vaguely familar but who knows






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i think that nissan is something else. the M45 was a Cedric and now is a Fuga. and that Teana i think was FF? but it has super sofisticated electronics and was featured in a lot of mags when it came out.

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