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Strut Assembly And Installation Es300

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1) I have the 93 ES300 and considering to replace all four struts myself with KYB. But I cannot figure out where to put the strut bearing that comes with the KYB kit SM5126. Is it at the top between the strut mount and spring or at the bottom between the spring and the strut housing?

2) When installing back the new strut assembly in the car, are there any tricks to mark and transfer the position where the old strut is used to be so that the camber is not too far off?

3) I have read the following in the Chilton's Camry 89-92 manual:

"Coat the suspension support bearing (strut mount) with multipurpose grease prior to installation. Pack the space in the upper support with multipurpose grease, also, after installation."

I am not sure what this mean and what type of lubricant to use. Can someone please explain a bit more in detail?

5) Most people in all the forums in other sites use either KYB or Tokico. A mechanic recommends Gabriel. Any comments?

6) KYB does not have the anti-roll bar bushings. Where else can I get these other than from the dealer? Also, what type of grease to use for them?


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I'm not certain about the bearing but my strut mount had arrows pointing to the outside of the strut (where it attaches to the wheel hub). Be sure to align the lowest strut bolt with the projection tab on the lower strut seat.

Hope this helps

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