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2024 RX 500H F Sport "Hybrid Malfunction" at 3K miles

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I've had my 500H for about 4 weeks now and as a Traveling Nurse have been averaging 1K miles weekly and absolutely loving it. This was my first Lexus and my main concerns were reliability....but it definitely helped having the F Sport package bc it looks and drives like a beast and spending 12-16 hrs daily in the car its like my 2nd home. Had my Suntek PPF full front, tints and Ceramic to the car as well.. $4K later i was living my best life and feeling good. Got my first oil change at 2200 miles just to be safe. Life was very good!
Last night while i was out for a quick errand....while driving at about 40 mph the entire drivers display lit up with what seemed like 100 alerts/lights. Mostly saying "Hybrid System Malfunction" and "Steering power loss" and the check engine light. The steering became very stiff and the accelerator got hard to press down. I immediately pulled over and sat there for a few just reading and taking pics. I then turned the engine off and waited another few mins....hoping this was a fluke,.
But when i restarted the engine all the lights came back on telling me to take the car to the dealer ASAP. This was 10p at night. i went home and made an appt at Lexus dealer for 7a the next am. I then reconsidered and called the next morning Lexus roadside assistance thinking better to let them tow it in then me driving. Considering the storms we were having i give Lexus much credit as they showed up for the tow 90 mins after i called. Its now been about 6 hours since they had my car and i just got told it going to "take some time to examine and find problem so i can come in and get my loaner".
I am a little disappointed bc for $70K i purposely got a Lexus to avoid these types of problems i had had with GMC, Dodge etc over the last decade. I loive Nursing and i love driving for a living but when car problems start it makes me regret it all!!
To switch all my supplies out of my car to a loaner is a pain. But, Im going to stay positive that this can all work out fine....even after reading some other posts with similar probs. IDK if this is just the 500h F Sports?
update....Picked up my loaner this am(2023 RX 350) and actually saw my F sport in the bay there. Its 7 hrs later and just got a call from Lexus service Dept saying they are still diagnosing what exactly is causing this "Hybrid Malfunction "issue. The Rep informed me the check engine light and various other alerts are still active. They are investigating problems with the 12V battery that is causing communication issues with the main system. They also told me they have contacted Lexus Corp concerning this issue. He was very calm and pleasant but sounded down a little and whern i asked he said this is such a rare occurrence that he is baffled to explain it. So.....tomorrow is another day.
next update...Lexus has had my car for 48 hrs now and the latest update is its a "voltage issue". A Lexus Corp rep has come to examine my car and. after a "full reset" was done all the alerts are gone and they still dont have a definitive answer as to what happened and they have not been able to replicate it. I was told today that ther Rep gave them a checklist of 7 things to try and then if it doesnt show up to return vehicle to owner. Basically....they dont know what happened so heres your car back and lets hope it never happens again. 



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Brian, did they perform a load test on the 12V battery? The only incident in the last 18+ years that involved a scary warning on the dash, ended up being a battery cell that was low on distilled water/battery acid.

There were no codes to pinpoint the issue, but it is well known that especially with newer vehicles, electronics are very sensitive to battery voltage. 

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IDK at this point I will have to ask that tomorrow. They told em they have done 5 pf the 7 items the Lexus Corp Rep told them to do and so far have not been able to recreate the alerts. At this point there are no alerts on the car and the plan is to finish the other  test and then if nothing shows up i get my car back tomorrow. I will mention the low on distilled water situation and get back to you. This is day 5 they have had my car and although i get calls with updates daily there is not much happening. 

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Hey....they kept the car for a week and gave me the exact model as a loaner. They reset everything after 2 days and the Lexus Sup mechanic came tospect ans called me to say they could not replicate the error message. I picked the car up and they gave me 5 free oil changes for inconvenience and told me they cannot explain what happened. Lexus Corporate did follow up with a call and that was it. The care has been running flawlessly since.  

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