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Checking In - Just Tinted My Windows

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Checking back in...been gone for a while.

Just rolled 103K on my 94 ES 300 with nary a prob still.

Took it in finally this week to the Lexus dealer to get the timing belt and water pump replaced, also had them replace my dogbone and motor mounts. And I got the windows tinted for 20% off.

I got to keep the loaner this time for 3 days (a 2005 Lexus RX 330); very nice SUV. But, and this is an interesting observation: After having to turn in my loaner for my 11 year old car, you would think I would be bummed about how much older and "wore-out" my 94 drives...it was the exact opposite. My 94 seemed to drive just as nice and was just as comfortable as the 05 RX that I left behind...

This is still the best car i've ever owned. Threw in a few pics of the car with the tint job.


Am now looking for a 1998-2000 LS 400 now to add to my Lexus fleet.

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"stealership" - i like that!

The timing belt+water pump (and all the other little stuff w/ labor) was 1K+a happy meal...

The dog bone and engine mount work was just under $300

and the tint job was $160

I know im a sucker for letting the dealer do all this work...prob is that im an engineer (and not a mechanic)...I break just about anything I try to fix when it comes to cars (and pay more + towing in the end) haha

When I was looking to buy the car I took it down to the dealer and had them print out the service history for this car. They came back with a 14 page report (yikes!). At first I thought "this car has had some issues" but it turns out that all of it was the standard periodic maintenance meticulously performed by the prior owner. The only time it was ever brought in outside of a PM job, it was towed in with the complaint "It wont start". Dealer solution: Replace (1) battery. And a battery lasting for 8 years in Central Texas is impressive on its own accord...

As nice as it was to have the service history from the dealership...now i feel somewhat obligated to let the dealer continue to do all the PM work on it.

Currently, the only thing wrong with it is two needles burned out on the instrument cluster (going to LexTech once I buy the LS 400...). Not bad for a 11 year old car.

And I still have spend less than 8K total on it since I purchaced it.

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It's impossible to kill an Es300. Those things will last forever if properly taken care of. ;)

My 92 es300 took me 7 years, over 289,000 miles, and was in perfect shape!! NOTHING, and i mean NOTHING went wrong with it, besides normal stuff like timing belt etc. A perfect car if you ask me. They really know how to make a good car.

Good luck; that es300 can take you another 150k + miles more!!!

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