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A Voice From The Past...

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Hey guys! Remember me? Just thought I'd stop by and see how everyone's doin here on the ES end of the LOC world :D Haven't been on in forever! Looking at the gallery, I see that nice ES/Supra (I wasn't sure what it was, judging by the taillights.....riiight....) is still there. Anyway, the SC doesn't give me much trouble :cheers: , and the transmission is rock solid :P

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Yeah but I thought I'd get more personal enjoyment outta being able to say I can !Removed! it out. Just imagine, one of your friends is bein all cocky and is like "oh! well! whenever I learn how to !Removed! money..." and then you'll be like "funny you should say that my friend..." and then wouldn't you just be "the !Removed!"....okay well maybe in my group of friends.

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