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Installing Lowering Springs

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Ok well i just ordered H&R 1.3F 1.25R Lowering springs,and ishould get them toamrow and i want to install them after tomarow.

can someone tell me a link or atleast go through a quick step my step of how to go about doing this. im doing it with a friend that installed lowering springs on his 93 awd eclipse,so i dont know how similar or different it is.

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ok i got them in today and im installing them tomarow,anyone?!?!!?!?!

Its not that bad of a job. but very hard to explain. you do need a spring compressor for the front. i get away with not using them in the rear because the springs are light enought that some one can push down and u can take off the nut.

I have attached pics of me doing it on some acuras and if u have questions send me an email



I have not done it to my car because i bottom out on my lift as it is so i do not have pic of it being done on an es. If you live in NJ let me know i have a shop and i can do it cheep

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