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Gs430 Dashboard Color

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For a while i been looking to get a GS430 and have been looking at pictures. Some pictures of the dashboards where the speedo are look green, and others seem to look white. What color is it on the Gs430? Duz ne1 know why the pics make it look a different color? Is it the the way they light up

Thanks ppl :unsure:

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They look different in pics because different cameras see colors in slightly different ways. It has to do with white balance and color temperature. It's a complicated subject.

Suffice to say, they are white with a green-yellow-ish tint.

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Yes, during the day the gauges seem to be much greener than that of at night. This is why:

Remember that "white" light (produced by the sun) is a mixture of different wavelengths; the colors of the rainbow: ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet).

If you look out a window, you might see a tree. What "color" are the leaves? Everyone would say green. This is actually a very weird way to put it.

Actually, all of the colors in the white light from the sun are absorbed into the leaves of the leaves EXCEPT green. Green is reflected, therefore leaves appears green to us. Remember that LIGHT is the only thing our eyes can sense....Turn off the lights!! What color is the vase to your right..umm what vase?? You can't see anything without light!!! Actually if you think about it, we're more blind than you think!!! Light is the only thing we can " see" !!!

Well this is sort of the reason why the gauges appear green during the day, and white at night.

The Lexus gauges are so cool in my opinion. If you were to look at an "average" car while it's off (during the day), you could be able to see everything i the cluster; the needles, the numbers, everything!! The sunlight bounces off the cluster, and our eyes think that the numbers etc are white. The black background does not reflect any light, making us think there is nothing there, aka that it's black!!(*see below). So, an average car is saving energy by making us be able to see how fast we're going by using a natural resourse; the sun!!! Then at night they use bulbs so we can see. They use bulbs to make us know how fast we're going, because they are the only most practicle things we have invented that produce, yes,..light!!

(*)This is why a black car will get much hotter in the sun that a white car. Black cars "absorb" EVERY color in the light spectrum, and therefore all the heat energy. White cars "reflect" EVERY color in the light spectrum, therefore reflect mostly all the heat energy.

but on most Lexus clusters, there is that tinting plastic over the cluster. So...during the day when the car is off, all you see is black..Bottom line; the gauges need to CREATE light for our stupid eyes to see them. In the GS430, that light is created by cold cathodes. Even if the sun was shining, we couldn't see those darn gauges!!! It's like trying to see something in the dark!! We know those intresting needles are there, but our eyes are telling us that they are not there!!! who's wrong, us or the cluster? is it like magic?? Intresting....ummm

So, we know two things:

-At night these gauges produce all the colors of the light spectrum. This is why our eyes tell us they're white!! So, we know for a FACT that the gauges produce all 7 wavelengths of the light spectrum..pretty much, it's like looking at the sun. The sun emits light energy by buring various gases, and so does a cold cathode in back of a GS gauge cluster!!

-but, during the day, our eyes are telling us that THESE SAME EXACT gauges are producing green light. So...what happened to the other 6 colors of the light spectrum?? Well this i can't answer. for some reason, when the light from the sun enters the car, and mixes with the colors of the gauge cluster, more green light is sensed by our eyes. the light from the sun is canceling out the other colors of the spectrum, and over powering the green, so our eyes decide that...oh well, its green now. Our eyes don't sense the small amounts of the other colors of the spectrum during the day. but we know they are still being produced!! just not enough.

But i do know one thing for sure, at night EVERY color in the light spectrum is sensed by our eyes. This means that EVERY color of the light spectrum is released by the gauges and at about even amounts. This is why our eyes are telling us that it's white. It's just that the tinting plastic is only allowing certain colors from the sun to enter, and only releasing more green. It's very complicated for even me to understand.

So my conclusion is that the gauges are WHITE!!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone else elaborate more on this subject?? LOL

hope this clears it up more??

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how come on the two pictures the gear display is ont opposite sides??? rnt they the same cars..? (chuck's and matthews)

I am in Britland mate - so mine is RHD, and the displays are the other way around! :D

his seat belt wasnt even on! and he was low on gas lol

well - if you are gonna go dangerously fast - may as well go the whole hog and do it with no seatbelt! :lol::lol:

and being low on gas is a permanent feature of the car - I dont think that light goes off :blushing:

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