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Free Seatbelts From Lexus


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I called the lexus 800 number the other day, asking if they provided free seatbelt replacement for frayed or worn belts. I have a '90 LS with 275,000 miles. They said I was beyond warranty, but take it to the dealer. Have them look at the belts, then the dealer will forward observations to Main office.

I complied with their instructions, and a couple weeks later, they called and said the belts would be replaced, no charge! They said they may not have matching gray, but they would find the best color match they could. I work across the street from the Stevens Creek Lexus shop, so maybe I'll walk over and see if they have a gray in stock.

This is a great company!


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Wow, I feel like a real jack a$s for paying to have my driver's belt replaced-it wasn't much though! I don't regret doing it though as it is great to not have to feed the seatbelt back in to the retractor, not to mention the added safety benefits of a belt that can properly retract itself. Great work, John! :cheers:

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